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What This Guide Will Do For You

Income Property Brokerage Book CoverThis new edition is particularly important to you because it provides you with the new cyberspace tools that will give you an immediate edge even on those who have been practicing this specialty for years.. Combine these with the practical and tested methods in this guide, and you are sure to multiply your income many fold-and have fun doing it!

  • It gives you a detailed rundown on the various types of income property, shows the type that is most sought after, and why; and gives you the guide-lines to follow in every case - for the greatest profit.

  • It details everything you must look for in the property itself to make it pay off for you. (Unlike residential property, an income property can be run-down, ugly, located in a deteriorating neighborhood, but still profitable for the shrewd investor and easily salable for the astute broker.)

  • It shows you how to maximize the impact of special tax advantages uniquely available through income property. It includes an eye-opening tax analysis chart, a real sales clincher - especially since tax savings and tax benefits mean important new sources of available income.

  • It demonstrates how to calculate quickly if a property has been priced at the right level-and shows you what to do if it hasn't. You get proven rules of thumb, sure fire guidelines to action pricing, and, most important, the Action Price Level pricing technique that's as simple and revolutionary as the point-count system Goren gave to bridge.

  • It explains the special financing techniques that can boost your sales and profits - but that require no more than simple arithmetic to work out. Sources of financing, leverage, mortgages, depreciation, tax-savings - and much more - are all covered in simple, easy-to-follow everyday terms. Financing know-how is very often the key to large profits in real estate. The Guide shows how to understand and use it the easy way.

  • It illustrates the most vital single sales aid to income property sales - the operating statement-and gives actual examples to show you how to use it.

  • It highlights the dramatic income property advertising techniques that really payoff: the three basic rules for sales-building ads, the big "money words": that work like magic, the dynamic eye:-catchers that make your ads stand out wherever they appear.

  • It shows you how to find the action buyers for your properties. It gives 13 immediate sources of buyers, and tells about the classic buyer types, and how to deal with each.

  • It tells how to qualify prospects, how to handle interviews, and how to cash in on the three concerns that motivate all prospects.

  • It explains exactly how to show income property to make the prospect want to own it. There are six strong selling points you can apply to any property, five dynamic showing strategies, and nine possible trouble spots that you can not only neutralize, but use to your advantage.

  • It demonstrates how to handle the tricky questions that prospects often ask, and tells how to turn client objections into positive selling points.

  • It goes into the latest techniques for making profitable condominium conversions, and tells how to succeed in this exciting field. It shows how to evaluate a property's suitability for conversion, how to set up a conversion "team," how to advertise your services, and how to handle commercial condominiums.

  • It gives you a method of closing sales that's virtually foolproof, a proven-in-action technique that turns prospects into buyers on the spot. This is where theory is converted into cash, and this master closing method puts the cash in your pocket.

  • It provides a systematic yet flexible 20-week timetable you can use for successfully entering the income brokerage field-and making the most of its spectacular profit opportunities.

In short, A Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage shows how you can make a fortune in this exciting and growing field!

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Income Property Brokerage Book Cover