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Why This Guide Is So Important to You

Income Property Brokerage Book CoverThe average income property sales price runs well into six figures-and often into seven or eight figures. This is one of the very few fields where you can leave home in the morning with no sales in sight, and return in the evening with a possible $800,000 sale well launched.

Income property salespeople, however, are a realistic lot. They recognize, just as the residential salesperson does, that the bread-and butter sales, by themselves, will earn them a very respectable income. When they work steadily on these sales, they will gain the experience and skill needed to give greater and quicker assurance of success on the $5,000,000 to $20 million sales.

If you are already engaged in income property sales, this Guide will give you proven techniques that will beef up your income and your success. Or if you are now engaged in residential sales, commercial-industrial leasing, investing or even an avocation outside of real estate, this guide will give you the simple secrets of income property brokerage.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that selling income property, such as apartment houses or stores, shopping centers or office buildings, is difficult - It isn't. The figures sometimes sound a little overwhelming to some people; but don't let these frighten you one bit. Simply move the decimal point a place or two to the right on the figures you're using today, and it will all look familiar. Get ready to move that decimal point on the commissions, too!

A Word About Big Commissions

Commission rates on income property sales are negotiable and can range from one to ten percent or more, depending on individual circumstances. Using five percent, for example, the commission on a sale of $800,000 is $40,000 on $1,800,000 it is $90,000 ---- on $9,800,000 it is $490,000. Some income property agents earn as much on one sale as the average residential salesperson earns in ten years!

If it's not all that difficult to earn these commissions, is it worth a try? You bet it is! Please look upon this Guide as a personal visit to Jack's office to discuss the practical methods involved in successful income property brokerage. He has prepared the contents as though he were writing it for his own brother or best friend. And he kept the contents practical and usable, and avoided theory and conjecture.

Combine the information between these covers with your native ability and you should profit immensely. When you do, that will also be our reward.

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Income Property Brokerage Book Cover