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Members of the York/Durham Region Chapter of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society represent the top real estate professionals specializing in the application of Cyberspace programs and services. Society Chapter Members are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service to clients with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies.

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Background Information on Keswick Background Information on Sutton Background Information on Pefferlaw Background Information on Jackson's Point Other Locations and Maps

The Region of York's most northern area municipality is the Town of Georgina featuring over 52 kilometres (32 miles) of Lake Simcoe's south-eastern shores. This large, clean lake beckons visitors from a vast distance for its great boating and year-round world renown fishing opportunities. Giving Georgina it's title of "Ice Fishing Capital of Canada".

Along the scenic lake side roads, visitors have access to a number of beaches, natural parks, regional forests, marinas, harbours and other attractions including the historic Red Barn Theatre, Canada's oldest professional summer theatre, and The Briars, one of Ontario's premier resorts. Many other Bed and Breakfast establishments, and other overnight accommodations including Inns and a number of Motels are located throughout the Town.

Georgina, located in Getaway Country in central Ontario, Georgina is a recreational playground and the province's original "Cottage Country", and is still refered to as being in "Cottage Country - East".


Formerly part of the Township of North Gwillimbury, Keswick is the largest of Georgina's urban communities. Keswick offers an attractive combination of urban services and rural charm.The community has been the site of extensive redevelopment recently. An increase in neighbourhood services has been the major cause for a doubling in population over the past decade.

Just outside of Keswick, the rural character of Central Ontario is proudly upheld. Cash crop farming is the order of the day in this fertile area, and many lucrative businesses related to the agricultural industry thrive near Keswick.

In the south end of Keswick, bordering Cooks Bay and the Holland River lies the Keswick Marsh, part of the world famous Holland Marsh. Vegetables that are grown in these rich fields are shipped throughout Canada and the world. A fish sanctuary and spawning bed are also located adjacent to the marsh on shores of Cooks Bay.

From its modest roots, Keswick, once called Medina, developed into the thriving and prosperous community it is today.

Additional information on the history of this community is located here.


The quaint, but thriving Village of Sutton reflects the rich history of Georgina. Like many settlements in Ontario, industry was the driving force behind the Village's origin. The site was first a dam, impeding the flow of Black River three miles in from Lake Simcoe.

It was named Bouchier Mills after the pioneer who built the dam in 1831. The settlement gradually grew with the addition of a gristmill and a general store. Soon the Village added a Post Office (the first in Georgina) and a schoolhouse, which also served as a house of worship until 1858 and as a Town Hall until the mid-1850's.

In 1864, after more growth including the building of St. James Anglican Church, the Village's name was changed from Bouchier Mills to Sutton.

Today Sutton is a modern, lively community, with proud roots that are still reflected in the charming character of this "Upper Canadian" village. Closer to the beaches of Lake Simcoe, Sutton joins the Community of Jackson's Point, a very popular destination for both local and out-of-town visitors.

The Sibbald Point Provincial Park boasts over 3000 feet of prime lakeshore and offers visitors private and group campsites. Sibbald Point Provincial Park is open from May to October each season.

Additional information on the history of this community is located here.

Jackson's Point

Jackson's Point has naval origins. The original land grant was made to navy Captain William Bouchier in 1819.

John Mills Jackson, for whom the area is named, settled the land, which was used first as a wharf facility for schooners travelling Lake Simcoe. Transportation to the area improved, with the use of steamers and in 1877 the railroads, this allowed seasonal residents to begin settling the area. Today the Jackson's Pont harbour overlooks the waters of Lake Simcoe serving the needs of the recreational boaters.

With the addition of small boutiques, street vendors and live music, summer in Jackson's Point is a focal point for both residents and visitors to the Georgina area.

Additional information on the history of this community is located here.


Captain William Johnson, a retired naval officer from Scotland settled in Pefferlaw in 1819. Johnson chose the name Pefferlaw after a field on the old Homestead - it means "a beautiful greensward". Retirement soon turned to industry, as Captain Johnson built a sawmill, woollen mill and gristmill in the recently settled area.

With the help of his brother Robert, Captain Johnson built the first Pefferlaw store in 1833. Although many of the original buildings have since been replaced, reminders of Pefferlaw's historic past are clearly evident today.

North of Pefferlaw, overlooking the beach communities of Virginia Beach and Duclos Point is Georgina Island, the largest island in Lake Simcoe which covers an area of 1416 hectares with some of the most beautiful untouched shorelines on the lake. Georgina Island, along with Fox Island and Snake Island located in Cooks Bay form the home of the Chippawa First Nation of Georgina. During the summer, a Band-owned 24 passenger ferry provides transportation service to the residents and visitors.

Additional information on the history of this community is located here.

Other Locations and Communities within the Town of Georgina

The following is a listing of localities and communities within the Town of Georgina which over the years have merged with the larger communities but still remain distinct landmarks, and retain their unique and interesting history.

Baldwin, Balfour Beach, Belhaven, Beverly Isles, Brighton Beach, Cedarbrae, Claredon Beach, Craigmawr Beach, Crescent Beach, Cryderman, Doyle Beach, Duclos Point, East Bourne, Egypt, Elmhurst Beach, Fox Island, Franklin Beach, Georgina Island, Glenwood Beach, Holmes Point, Indianola Beach, Island Grove, Islandview Beach, Jackson's Point, Jersey, Keswick Beach, Maskinonge Park, McRae Beach, Miami Beach, Mount Pleasant, Morr(e)'s Beach, Mossington Park, Mossington Point, Orchard Beach, Paradise Beach, Pefferlaw, Pine Beach, Port Bolster, Port Bolster Beach, Riverview Beach, Roches Point, Royal Beach, Sibbald Point, Snake Island, Sunnet Beach, Sutton West, Vachell, Virgina, Virginia Beach, Willow Beach, Wynhurst Beach, Udora and Young's Harbour.

For more information regarding the history of the Town contact the Civic Centre or the Village Museum.

Maps of the Town of Georgina, Regional Municipality of York, and the Getaway Country Travel Area. Additional detailed electronic maps of the Town of Georgina including Keswick, Sutton, and Pefferlaw are available for free from Map Quest and Map Blast. Use the keywords Keswick, Sutton, Pefferlaw and Georgina to search, zoom in to street level for the most detail.

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