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November 2014


Ever spend several hours on a plane with your knees under your chin -- in a seat that won't recline? If so, or to prevent such a horrific situation, this is a place you should go while you are booking your next flight to the Yukon.

The updated version of this great place shows you the characteristics of each seat on just about every plane in the skies -- including Aeroflot and many others we can't even pronounce (try Condor Flugdienst).

In addition you can get seat advice, user comments, photos and the Guru Factor comfort rating system.
In these days of airline discomfort you'll be glad you visited this great place when you board your next flight and see a tall passenger with his ankles next to his ears!

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We are pleased to be of service to our friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. We are always current on ways to expand our normal high standards of service with the very latest internet and other cyberspace strategies and tools. Please contact us with any questions regarding our services. Our contact information is below.

This is quite resource. Here you can create a "Time capsule" showing just what was going on in the world on any date of your choosing be it birthday, anniversary, or other special date. This makes a very unique birthday or anniversary remembrance.

You can create a "one click" capsule in 3 seconds or in 3 minutes a completely customized masterpiece. In any case both versions show the headlines, prices for common purchases, elected leaders, top books, top movies, famous people born on that day plus lots of other entertaining and enlightening information customized and in printable form for you to delight your friends, associates and relatives.

Neat freebie. Nice birthday surprise!

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Trick 1

Did you ever need to check or change your screen resolution? Did you discover that you needed to jump through a bunch of hoops to check it or change it?

This link helps you find your monitor/screen resolution - and there is no need to do the convoluted right click - properties - settings, etc. You'll be looking at your resolution in the 2 seconds it takes for you to click the link.

And if you want to change your resolution the steps are right there to help you make the change in a flash.


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Were you seven years old when Clinton was inaugurated as President? Were you seventeen when the World Wide Web was launched? Have you been on this earth fifteen thousand days? Guess what - you're gettin' old.

This fun site was visited by over a million people in its first week. Here you can enjoy an anonymous report containing a timeline of important historical events showing how old you were on these dates. If you were eighteen years old when Jimmy Carter was elected as the 39th President of the United States of America - you're gettin' old.

This great place makes entertaining reading for you and your family. In addition you can get a print out for a friend or family member showing them all of this interesting information about their lives.

Make one for Grampa. He's gettin' old too!

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