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January 2020


When was the last time you were emailed, or found a document online, that you had to complete? How did you do it? Many of you likely printed it out, whipped out a pen, filled in the document, and then scanned it in to the computer. Time consuming? Yes. Annoying? Yes.

However there are more and more services that help streamline and digitize this process.

One such service is PDFescape, a free online PDF editor and form filler. Simply go to the PDFescape site and select your service. You can upload documents directly for editing, including text addition and modification.

Bing, bang, boom, off to the races with your documents!!! Do it all online in your internet browser.

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We are pleased to be of service to our friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. We are always current on ways to expand our normal high standards of service with the very latest internet and other cyberspace strategies and tools. Please contact us with any questions regarding our services. Our contact information is below.

Shopping online just got even easier, and cheaper! Check out Honey, a browser extension that automatically applies discounts and promotions to your shopping cart as you shop on 40,000+ different sites.

Have you ever applied a promo code to your purchase? Honey functions basically as the same thing. Once you go to checkout your items for purchase, Honey applies any discounts it can find on the web.

Simply go to this site:

Add Honey to your browser, and then Honey will do all the work!

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Online privacy has been a hot topic lately. Have you ever been concerned about big brother collecting data on you? Companies like Facebook have been in the news about this.

How about Google, the most popular search engine on the web? Google collects and analyzes countless pieces of information on you including demographic information and internet usage.

This article explains what Google does and how you can protect yourself if you want to minimize your data exposure to Google. It will take a bit of work on your part, but it may be well worth it if you want your online privacy protected!

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Online shopping is bigger now than ever. As you shop oftentimes there are product reviews available. Those reviews can make or break your decision. Find one bad, or one glowing review, and it can either mean a purchase or a click on to the next product. offers the ability to confirm whether those questionable reviews are actually legitimate. Cool, huh?

Perhaps you even have a product or service, and you want to analyze reviews. Fakespot can help!

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