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October 2019


Want to place a call and keep your number out of the hands of the rascals? Or maybe you don't want to hand your phone number to a sales outfit - but need information on a specific product. Way down deep, when you call, you know that they are going to grab your number from caller ID when you call - and hound you till the year 2048.

There is a quickie code to use so you can call them without giving away the keys to the kingdom -- Dial that code*67 (star 67) before the phone number. This will temporarily deactivate caller ID. Using this, the receiving end will show "private number" on their display and your anonymity has been preserved.

Then you can sleep tight knowing the rascals don't have your number.

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We are pleased to be of service to our friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. We are always current on ways to expand our normal high standards of service with the very latest internet and other cyberspace strategies and tools. Please contact us with any questions regarding our services. Our contact information is below.

If your circle of friends were as gigantic as the number of jerks who try to call your cell phone - you could probably run for President - and win!

This gem uses a community-based spam list from over 250 million users to automatically identify spam and block fraud and robocalls before you pick them up. You can then just copy the number and look at the app widget to see the caller's details.

You will find lots of other tools in the trial version. They also offer a jazzed up premium version for a nominal update cost.

Keeps you from going coo coo.

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Trick 1

Here's a way to put a dozen health remedies in your medicine cabinet and only take up three inches of space. You probably have a small box of this interesting stuff in your kitchen. Once you add it to your bathroom, you'll have a plethora of resources at hand for your personal use.

Your new collection includes such useful items as tooth cleaner, mouthwash, deodorant, skin smoother, cancer fighter, and pain reliever - along with kids' toy cleaner

In addition, you've added an acid reflux fighter, facial scrub, hair clarifier, skin softener, and denture freshener.

Good stuff that baking soda.

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We'll bet that you have something broken kicking around -- waiting to be fixed. If not you are in the minority. Printer - computer - camera - phone - appliance - car -- just about everyone has something to fix.

So they got together to help each other. They know their stuff and are eager to help.

Simply choose your category and post your problem. They provide the answers (and the host will sell you any parts you need). The community has complete control over the answer content which is collaboratively managed by people just like you (but often they know a lot more about solving your problem than you do.)

That's why you'll want to get there before you start cussing when something is broken.

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