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Aaron Davenport Photo Aaron Davenport
Whittier Partners Group, Research Director

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Aaron Davenport is the Director of Research of Whittier Partners Group, New England's largest commercial real estate services company. Besides heading up Whittier's Market Research Group, Aaron is responsible for finding and developing new opportunities, services, technologies and business lines for the company. He is the co-developer of Whittier's home page,, which has been rated a top ten brokerage site and been given five stars by PikeNet. Aaron provides brokers, appraisers, managers and clients with information and analysis concerning the boston real estate market. He is responsible for maintaining the integrity of Whittier's contact and build proprietary databases, the production of the bottom line report, the preparation of financial analysis and utilizing emerging technologies to better provide for the needs of today's real estate professionals.

Aaron is the author of the Boston Market Section of the Urban Land Institute's Market Profiles 1996 and Market Forecasts 1996. Aaron joined Whittier two years ago and was previously with Grub & Ellis in Boston. He is a graduate magna cum laude of Amherst College.

Contact Information:

Aaron Davenport
Research Director, Whittier Partners Group
155 Federal Street
Boston, MA 02110
(v) 617-728-8489
(f) 617-482-5509