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"Big Advantage Urgency Marketing!"

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4/3/09 Interview with Albert Clark

1005 grandview st
Scranton, PA 18509

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Marketplace Trends

  1. In the last 12-18 months as a cost-savings measure, consolidation of brokerages has accelerated; the waste of office space is hitting brokers’ bottom lines.
  2. Advances in technology have made virtual real estate companies possible because agents no longer have to be behind a physical desk tethered to a landline phone; instead they can be on the move.
  3. Intero is rolling out a model of small offices (space for 5 agents and a conference room) that service as many as 15-20 agent associates.

Opportunity or Threat?

  1. The top-producing agents in any given marketplace tend to be those who take advantage of technology; those who lag in the use of technology should learn from the leaders.
  2. Some brokers who are successfully generating leads complain that by the time their agents get to leads, the leads are cold.
  3. The problem is a failure to get back to consumers at the time they are engaged, which can occur at any time during the day and into the night; technology offers solutions.

Urgency Marketing

  1. This term is used by agents to convey that they respond immediately to today’s Internet consumers by using technology; the majority of real estate consumers start searching online.
  2. The average consumer will fill out four email inquiry forms on four different sites (often for the same property); studies show that 78% of the time, a consumer with a question deals with the first agent who replies.
  3. Typical agents take an average of 3.5 hours to reply to online inquiries, but urgency marketers understand the importance of being first.
  4. BlackBerries and similar mobile devices are penetrating the real estate industry, but even many agents who have Blackberries fail to get the data plan ($40-$60 more per month) that allows email messages to come through in real time.
  5. Clark is working on some technologies outside of realPING that will allow agents real-time email reply capability at a push of a button.
  6. The business income lost by failure to engage consumers via the new technologies is unquantifiable; all the money spent to bring consumers to a web site is wasted if their questions are not promptly handled to begin building a relationship.

E-Marketing Tip

realPING Service

  1. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society and its Cyber Conventions are realPING customers; at the convention booths with realPING technology, visitors can contact a booth staffer in real time with a single click of a button in less than a minute.
  2. Clark’s background as a founder of eNeighborhoods and his continuing focus group work with large brokers and agents helped him identify a key real estate industry need— a way to shorten the distance between a consumer engaged online and an agent’s cell phone.
  3. The solution he developed is the realPING click-to-talk-now html button that agents can deploy everywhere they are electronically—web sites, emails, blogs, virtual tours; realPING is all VOIP, all digital technology.
  4. To reach an agent, consumers click on the button to open a form where they enter a call-back phone number; after they hit the “Talk Now” button, their phone rings within a second and a half, and the agent’s phone rings in another two seconds (showing a realPING ID); the call is bridged instantly.
  5. realPING dominates the real estate industry for click-to-talk; use by agents is growing every month.

Benefits to Agents

  1. Demonstrating realPING during a listing presentation is a real WOW factor to reinforce how an agent sells homes faster with today’s technology.
  2. realPING is a practical tool for extending relationships and closing business; being able to talk to consumers live, while they are still on the web site, is a powerful advantage.
  3. The added, patented feature called Page Push gives agents the ability, while working remotely, to deliver content immediately to the caller’s desktop; e.g.,, virtual tours of alternative properties can be opened on the caller’s screen, or a mortgage financing contact can be presented.
  4. realPING gives agents the ability to communicate both visually and audibly and to customize content, on-the-fly.
  5. Technology gets cheaper with large numbers, but even the retail rate is reasonable—$49 for setup and $16 per month for unlimited use; Society members are offered a special discount—see footnote below.

Favorite Sites on the Web

  1. For real estate news, Clark likes Inman News, RIS Media and
  2. SlideRocket is an alternative to PowerPointfor building interactive presentations; they are saved on the Internet and can be pushed at a click; unlimited use costs $10 per month.
  3. SnagIt is an effective image editing tool.
  4. can be used to gain intelligence on callers whose numbers show on caller ID even before the phone is answered.
  5. Google Alerts can be set to sound an alarm when new information about designated subjects is posted online.

Discounted Offer: The folks at realPING are offering a special discount to Society members—40% off setup and 35% off the quarterly service fee.

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