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"Codling Consumers Is Good for Business!"

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8/4/06 Interview with Albert Clark

1005 grandview st
Scranton, PA 18509

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Impact of the Internet on RE Practitioners

  1. Because Internet consumers are used to hitting a button and getting an immediate result, they impose similar expectations on professionals, whom they assume will respond to questions immediately, 24/
  2. Brokers and agents need to accommodate these growing expectations by having a plan in place to be a first responder to website visitors; your consumers will turn elsewhere for help if you are a second responder.
Technology Trends for the Industry

  1. Competition is keen, so agents have to use technology to differentiate their services; having a web site is not enough-it must offer ways for visitors to get information promptly and contact you when they need you.
  2. Technology can be employed on your web site to embrace consumers and build rapport on their first or second visit.
  3. Beware of lead generation sites that define "lead" loosely as any consumer who fills out an electronic form instead of limiting the category to people engaged and ready to buy; agents may pay a lot of money for "leads" that won't generate revenue for months or years, if ever.
  4. The trend in marketing is to make contact simple for consumers-to offer urgency; Amazon, for example, has initiated Push to Talk buttons that allow customers to reach a human person within seconds.
RealPING Push to Talk

  1. RealPING Push to Talk was developed in late 2005 as a tool for agents to provide their website visitors a faster way to get questions answered; NAR stats show that consumers go with the first agent they hear from.
  2. The Society's Online Convention in February used the service at convention booths to rave reviews from both convention-goers and vendors; information could be conveyed much faster and more personally by the phone contact than by traditional email.
  3. RealPING Push to Talk is a voice-over technology protocol; when consumers have a question, they click the agent's button to see a customized page (with the agent's photo and branding) that says the agent will talk with them "right now"- a true WOW factor.
  4. Consumers enter the phone number where they can be reached, and immediately the service places an outgoing voice-over-Internet call to that number; when the consumer picks up, a voice instructs them to hold on while their call is connected.
  5. The call goes to the agent's designated phone number so that the consumer can be chatting live with the agent within seconds; the event happens in real time and neither party pays for the call.
  6. Push to Talk has true WOW power; it presents the agent as being high-tech and available; realPING subscribers can include the electronic button on their web sites, in virtual tour listings and in email messages to provide immediate service.
  7. The call to agents shows realPING on the datascreen, so they know the call is coming from one of their urgent, real-time sources.
Competitive Edge

  1. Three or four other companies simply bridge calls over the Internet; realPING adds the ability for the agent-remotely from his cell phone-to push information (e.g., web pages, virtual tours) immediately to the caller's desktop.
  2. RealPING is designed to empower agents to deliver service way beyond consumer expectations; the product can be customized in both the branding (look and feel) and the functionality.
  3. For "follow-me" functionality, agents can decide what button shows on which pages and what phone number it rings to based on time of day; if there are periods when agents don't want to be disturbed, the buttons can be made to disappear.
  4. Some large real estate teams are beginning to have virtual assistants available to answer phones 24/7; stats show that the concentration of calls, inquiries and research requests from web sites come in from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  5. After calls, realPING provides agents with demographics on the neighborhood of callers; such information can be helpful in evaluating the call.
Broker Benefits

  1. Most brokers recognize that agents need to be more accountable and more accessible for web site visitors today; some brokers are helping their agents by enrolling them in realPING.
  2. RealPING offers brokers an exclusivity feature-the compnay will not sell its system to a competitor in the same marketplace.
Meeting Marketplace Demand

  1. Real estate professionals must accommodate their marketing to what the market demands; demand is moving toward 24/7 coverage
  2. Individual agents' listings are available on IDX from any competitor, so consumers with questions have the option of checking until they get answers; that might happen at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. from someone else.
  3. The responsive agent invites consumers to "PING me now" with questions; awkward times can be handled by redirecting calls to voicemail or by turning the button off; agents still get a text message alerting them to the missed call-smart agents exploit the opportunity to communicate now.
  4. Not all consumers want immediate contact, but those who choose to PING tend to be engaged consumers who are ready to move-they want information urgently.
  5. Providing Push to Talk differentiates agents and becomes a listing tool.
Cost of Service

  1. RealPING retails for individual subscriptions at $49.95 for setup, training and first monthly service; ongoing, it is $16.99/month for unlimited use of the button; costs are lower for large brokerages and corporations.
  2. Consumers incur no cost for calls because the phone switch calls them.
  3. If agents receive calls on their cell phone, they incur their usual cost for a cell phone call; there is no charge if calls are relayed to an office, virtual assistant or other online or landline location.
  4. Society members can join with a $20 discount on setup and $2/month discount for ongoing service.
Favorite Sites

  1. Resources for keeping track of trends include: Inman News, RIS Media and BrokerAgent News.
  2. A good site that helps with lead generation and high-tech tools is the Delta Media Group Network.
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