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"Harnessing the Power of Easy Web Meetings "

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1/2/09 Interview with Alex Mandossian

Heritage House Publishing
530 Alameda del Prado, 399
Novato, CA 94949

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Diplomacy Tip for RE Pros

  1. Mandossian has been successful in getting to talk to many of the world's leading thinkers, who are generally inaccessible, by making friends with their gatekeepers.
  2. He seeks their advice about getting through and poses three questions—do you have more prospects than customers; would you like to monetize those prospects; would you like me to show you how in 90 minutes or less?
  3. An example of how Mandossian utilized guru Bob Proctor's own list to build a successful teleseminar with him can be accessed at and; the solicitation page is a one-question survey; responses poured in and led to a successful seminar.
  4. This "ask methodology" based on the Socratic method is an approach residential and commercial agents and property managers can use.

The Basics on Teleseminars

  1. A teleseminar is a phone call going into a bridge line; participants (even thousands) have a code and can listen at one time; the moderator is able to mute out anyone from speaking; the technique gives people the convenience and cost benefit of listening or conducting a seminar from anywhere.
  2. Because they leverage personal contact so much, teleseminars are powerful for RE pros; even a small percentage of conversions means increased business.
  3. Familiar telephone technology makes participation easy and non-threatening—dialing ten numbers plus a passcode; prospects can combine listening with other activities and hang up at any time.
  4. Teleseminars replace hard-floor seminars for brokers and agents with less expense and no cold-calling and rejection; any real estate topic is appropriate; the telephone can be used to generate more leads than agents ever dreamed possible.

How to Get Started

  1. To become an "information marketer," use your existing farming strategies to move people toward teleseminars instead of toward traditional print marketing or open houses.
  2. The teleseminar can be delivered live, or your spoken words can be recorded and archived to be heard over and over.
  3. Reserve your office number for existing clients; give first-time callers a 24-hour access number where hear answers to FAQs (3-5 minutes) and receive an invitation to a teleseminar (45-60 minutes); they are fully educated and trusting before making personal contact with you,.
  4. Using this two-step automated and robotic screening process before human intervention makes eventual face-to-face time more productive.
  5. Put your information on a business card, a flyer or any type of written marketing communications in a way that motivates prospects to learn from you—e.g., "The Five Most Important Questions to Ask an Agent Before Giving Him a Listing
  6. Because the Information Age has evolved to the Recommendation Age, the agent who comes across as the educator and recommender has the advantage; the interpretation of information is where agents and brokers create value.

Tested Tips that Extend Your Article Reach

  1. Writing articles is the simplest way to get information into the marketplace and to generate traffic to your web site; an articles directory can be found at
  2. Articles should be 300-500 words long and contain 5-7 tips; a catchy title attracts consumers' interest; post your articles on your own site.
  3. Expand their availability on social media such as the microblog Twitter and the social networking site Facebook; distributing articles to a variety of social media is called syndication; hand out printed copies of your articles as a leave-behind when showing homes.
  4. There are online syndication services, but do not overlook the old-fashioned method of handing out business cards that lead to your articles and teleseminars; give your cards to prospects and referral sources.

Graduating to Personal Contact

  1. After being educated with your automatic tools, prospects will be prepared to tell you what they need when they talk to you personally.
  2. You can proceed to have a surgical conversation with prospects.


  1. The easiest way to syndicate content is to blog; Mandossian prefers to use WordPress over Blogger—WordPress has the most powerful plug-ins that permit distribution of content without having to understand the technology.
  2. Blog between two and four times per week; Google indexes the new content; your blog will Ping social media sites and search engines so that you get syndicated automatically.

An ASK Campaign

  1. Mandossian's approach implements the technique borrowed from Socrates; it focuses on honoring prospects' reasons for buying by asking them what they want to know and then delivering it instead of preparing a message first.
  2. When people come to your web page, get them to identify their price range and most important questions; then direct them automatically to your appropriate articles and teleseminars to educate them and build their trust in you.
  3. An ASK campaing enables RE professionals to define their market up front by posing questions that clarify what prospects are looking for.

Favorite Web Sites

  1. presents users with the world at their fingertips—largely for free; it is often overlooked for its utility and creative inspiration; it can be used for competitive analysis, to explore AdWords, and to get ideas for articles.
  2. The learning center for AdWords can be accessed by a branded, redirected link such as; agents can create their own branded link to generate web traffic.
  3. is a comprehensive directory of Google services.
  4. leads into Mandossian's blog and an archive of his articles for marketers.
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