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"Allen Hainge Interview 2001"

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8/3/01 Interview with Allen Hainge

Allen F. Hainge Seminars, Inc.
11463 Washington Plz W
Reston, VA 20190-4311

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Continuing Impact of Technology

  1. The Web positively influences the productivity of agents; in most real estate associations, 10% of the agents do 90% of the business.
  2. The dominant 10% have two things in common: a technically adept assistant and an effective web site; in the last five years, the greatest change has been the move to web sites.
  3. About 60%-70% of agents nationwide are missing out on the technology trend they have no web presence or merely an ego-page.
Web-Centric Marketing

  1. Hainge's web site celebrates many top US agents (CyberStars®); this group are a laboratory for him to study changes and success in the industry.
  2. Marketing has been shifting away from traditional methods toward a more Web-related strategy to increase market share; the cornerstone is a deep, consumer-oriented web site.
  3. Marketing efforts are geared to getting people to an agent's web site, which can provide more than traditional advertising, virtual tours, area information, response forms, etc. features that bind the consumer to the agent.
  4. Feature the web address on all traditional printed materials and in email messages; consider Hainge's One Third/Two Thirds rule for advertising‹devote at least 1/3 of every ad to promoting your URL.
Crucial Tips for Streamlining Email

  1. Answer email promptly‹check it at least four times a day; online customers expect a prompt response, so failure to give one will sever your link with them immediately.
  2. Learn to do signatures in your email program; a basic signature at the end of a message gives your name, where you live, the company you work for, your web address and 800#.
  3. The signature feature can also be used to store timesaving answers to standard requests; some email programs also allow setup of form letter responses; most good programs allow a signature to be inserted at the point of the curser.
  4. Hainge recommends three equally good software programs for email: Outlook, NetscapeMail and EudoraPro.
  5. Use filters (rules) to sort messages automatically as they come in; spam can be directed to trash; filters can be set to capture messages relevant to your current transactions.
  6. If you have a personal assistant, direct your publicized email address to that person to handle and have your assistant forward to you only what you must see.
  7. Email has now surpassed the telephone as the most-used method of business communication; the consumer expects you to use this medium.
Networking Strategies

  1. Listservers are used widely among Commercial agents for promoting properties, but Residential agents also have opportunity to use listservers to network; even before a listserve, use email to enhance contact with your sphere of influence.
  2. Distribute an online newsletter with personalized emails to a wide group; the Society's customizable "CyberTips" newsletter for members fits this tip.
  3. Learn to use your real estate contact manager (TopProducer, OnlineAgent, PREP Prospecting) to do personalized distribution; WorldMerge (discounted on Hainge's web site) adapts a generic contact manager such as Outlook.
  4. Focus your email efforts on people who know you in positive ways, including former clients.
Practical Pointers for Expanding Market Share

  1. Develop a quality web site for yourself; hire a designer (spend $2,000-$3,000 tops) and base your site on research of site design and marketing ideas.
  2. A novel marketing tool for Florida agent Greg Gorman [Alert, April 2000] is a moving truck that he leases for $900/month in lieu of all newspaper advertising; he lets clients and charities use it for free.
Common Mistakes Some REALTORS® Make

  • Spending money on the wrong kind of web sites and passively waiting for business‹invest in a quality site and direct your template sites to it.
  • Attending seminars that focus on the future and on esoteric issues take courses that teach ways to use today's technology to increase your bottom line.
  • Buying tech products and not learning how to use them‹be willing to devote as much as two hours a day to learning.
  • The Philosophy behind Dominate

    1. Hainge's book is aimed at agents on three levels, beginning, middle and top; therefore, each topic is broken into "basics," "how to make money with it" and "tips from the CyberStars."
    2. The hallmark of the book is its basis in reality/practicality.
    Recommended Sites on the Web

    1. HotLinks is an Internet parking place for your address book and favorites lists.
    2. RealtyTimes and AgentNews have sharp coverage of the real issues facing REALTORS®.
    3. To manage your huge mailing list, use
    4. For great hardware reviews check out; for best-buy info use or
    Be Prepared for the Future

    Expect the transaction to move to the agent's web site; get your good web site up and start putting your transactions on it, password protected. Hainge's book Dominate is available at a special Society discount at the Society bookstore at

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