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6/6/08 Interview with Allen Hainge

Allen F. Hainge Seminars, Inc.
11463 Washington Plz W
Reston, VA 20190-4311

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Major Changes in Real Estate Technology

  1. Since Hainge last appeared as a guest on the Alert in February 2005, consumers have continued to increase their reliance on the Web for real estate information—82% are going first to the Internet for information; some agents still do not understand this phenomenon.
  2. More agents grasp the necessity for deep, consumer-oriented web sites beyond standard company sites; these savvy agent sites present valuable material about their area and give consumers everything they need.
  3. There has been an amazing rise in social networking and video sites as sources of real estate information; YouTube, for example, offers a huge market for real estate agents who know how to take advantage of it.
  4. Real estate professionals who use available technology outpace those who do not use it in terms of income as well as time and money saved; the gap gets bigger as market conditions toughen.
Why Some Agents Lag in Applying Technology

  1. The key reason is fear of the new; if fearful agents mistakenly think that they must know everything about technology before trying to use it at all.
  2. Hainge’s CyberStars group uses technology effectively; Sam Miller, for example, is a leader with YouTube.
Web 2.0 Tools

  1. Social networking sites such as YouTube and FaceBook have powerful real estate marketing applications.
  2. Agents should post a video listing presentation on their web site to save time by screening for people who are genuinely interested in an agent’s services.
  3. Posting area/neighborhood tours is an effective tool to sell people on your vicinity; a counseling interview and tours of listings are also helpful.
Strategy for Profiting from YouTube

  1. Get a Flip Ultra digital video camera; get comfortable with the camera and then start posting video to YouTube (or other such sites).
  2. Promoting your real estate video is a must; advertise all your YouTube postings in places such as real estate magazines and your own flyers.
  3. For agents who want more information about the process, a good resource that has instructional videos of all types is
Automatic Follow-Up

  1. Agents should utilize several systems to automate contacts with prospective buyers and sellers; top on the list is a real-estate-specific database such as Top Producer and Respond.
  2. The Real Pro Systems program gives users a web site, three or four stealth sites and an automatic follow-up system; people who complete the online forms at the web sites start to receive good quality email drip messages.
  3. RainMaker E-Central, available from the Gooder Group, provides excellent content for agent web sites and automatic follow-up capability.
Tips for Better Email Communication

  1. Use good email stationery; Hainge uses links to his web sites, blog, etc.; check the autoresponders that go out from your site to be sure they are professional.
  2. Become proficient in text messaging; the prime buying-generation does not want to be called or conventionally emailed, yet a majority of agents do not know how to communicate in this preferred fashion.
How to Improve Web Sites

  1. The biggest typical mistake is not making the web site deep enough and consumer-oriented enough; include neighborhood and area information as well as virtual tours of listings; a testimonial from sellers about why they like the house and the neighborhood is helpful.
  2. Hainge does custom evaluations of agent web sites by request; he reviews your site and then presents findings to you directly via; he offers Society members a $50 discount on this service.
Tech Tool Favorites

  1. Besides the Flip Ultra camera and YouTube postings, every agent should take advantage of a tablet PC because it affords complete portability; use an aircard to hook up to the Web.
  2. Another powerful tool for agents that has become more important in the last few years is a blog; Hainge’s blog is
  3. ExpertVillage offers How-To information on all kinds of tasks.
Contact Information for Allen Hainge:

(v) 800-695-3794
(f) 720-863-2290

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Allen F. Hainge Seminars, Inc.:
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Flip Ultra camera:
RE-specific software: Top Producer; Respond
Real Pro Systems: or call 541-686-0015
[Use the code AFHS for a $100-$200 discount.]
RainMaker E-Central:
[For a discount, use the code 588.]