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"Internet Resources for Real Estate Pros "

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12/4/98 Interview with Barbara Ling

14 Alexis Court
Holmdel, NJ 07733

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How the Internet Can Earn You Money

  1. The key benefit is exposure - for your name, your company and your offerings - to as many people as possible in very short time.
  2. Strategies for Internet exposure include maintaining a web site and using community web sites; your own web site can feature home listings, give away free information and provide community resources that will encourage people to contact you.
  3. The Internet is used by people with questions for networking; look for posted questions relating to your Real Estate specialty and respond by email and offer your services.
Listing Homes Via the Net

  1. Be concerned first about getting the home in front of as many eyes as possible; use the mega home sites such as or to reach people nationally.
  2. Many MLSs have arrangements to post listings automatically on one of these; listing your firm or agency for your area on the mega sites greatly increases your chances for publicity.
  3. Some sites, contrary to the "freedom of information" orientation of the Internet, require exclusivity; in such a case, make a careful judgment about whether customer traffic justifies your listing on only one site.
  4. Additional worthwhile places to post listings for broad exposure include Yahoo's RE site available to individual agents free.
  5. Also direct publicity to your targeted niche markets, e.g., post on sites dedicated to the geographical area of your listing.
  6. Define clear goals for your Internet publicity in order to target visitors; find community bulletin boards and web sites for your geographical area - they can provide chances for you to connect with potential clients.
Ling's Learning System for an Internet Edge

  1. The Real Estate Pro's Internet Edge aims to take people initially as far as their comfort level will allow; when they are intrigued with their results, the system encourages them to go farther.
  2. First become comfortable with the basics of Internet usage - getting online and finding essential sites for good Real Estate information and resources for listings; on the advanced level, progress to topics such as ways to effectively use search engines to target your inquiry.
  3. A separate edition for Brokers includes additional categories: "How to Find & Recruit Superstar Agents," "Your Internet Publicity Campaign and the Benefits of Hiring an Internet Researcher," "How to Network with Recruiters," and a class to teach agents how to use the Internet.
The Value of Bookmarks

  1. Place in your bookmark file the web addresses of any sites to which you wish to return, so they are always ready for use.
  2. Bookmarks can be organized into directories and specific folders.
How to Use Search Engines for Leads

  1. Posted questions on forums, bulletin boards, etc. are essentially web pages that often are indexed by search engines.
  2. To find specific buyers, go onto a search engine and submit a query on a phrase such as "looking to buy" and a location; results may lead you to particular questions on community sites or bulletin boards.
  3. Deja News allows you to accomplish similar searches of all the 20,000+ news groups (special-interest groups on the Internet); Deja News archives go back five years.
Resources for RE Professionals

  1. Mailing lists provide a convenient way to communicate with your colleagues; several dedicated to Residential are at; other lists are focused on Commercial, RE financing, RE investment, etc.
  2. Forums are similar to mailing lists, but they are completely web-based without the integrated email capability that mailing lists have.
  3. Target your website audience with a good Internet publicity campaign - e.g., exchange related links with local businesses and sites and get your linker banner posted on resources that your consumers would use.
Benefits of Hiring an Internet Specialist

  1. Utilizing the expertise of an Internet specialist to implement your Internet publicity campaign allows Real Estate pros to maintain focus on what they do best while still accomplishing Internet exposure.
  2. The kinds of projects an Internet specialist can appropriately handle include getting publicity out, managing email lists and designing and managing email newsletters, and researching clients and sources.
  3. A key function is searching out all the web sites related to what you do and arranging links for your own site; creating a network of reciprocal links is more effective in reaching a targeted audience than getting your site into the top-ten on search engines.
  4. Reaching the top-ten on search engines is desirable and important, but it is very difficult to accomplish - Ling's prime recommendation is Yahoo!; criteria for determining top listings vary with each search engine.
Professional Recruiting

  1. Brokers should showcase on their own web sites what the company has to offer enterprising Real Estate Agents.
  2. Utilize the several Real Estate job banks on the Internet for posting professional openings and for searching the resumes posted; offer a relocation package to attract superstar Agents outside your vicinity.
  3. Establish a working relationship with an Internet recruiter who can both recruit agents for your business and capture transferees as clients; look for recruiters at locations such as Recruiters Online and MRI Net.
Barbara Ling has offered Society members a special discount on The Real Estate Pro's Internet Edge. Details are posted at the Society's On-Line Expo (Booth #203) at

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