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"Deadly E-Marketing Sins - and Remedies!"

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8/1/03 Interview with Bernice Ross
PO Box 90849
Austin, TX 78709

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Tips on CyberSpace Tools

  1. Real estate has always been about personal connection; technology is away to improve that connection, not a substitute for it.
  2. To connect with website visitors, offer them a service they want; for example, have them fill out information to get a CMA (competitive market analysis) preferably delivered by you.
  3. Web marketing differs from traditional marketing in having service come before contact; first offer service to prospects to establish a connection and then let them get back to you.
  4. Offering free reports is another effective way to establish connections popular topics include how to save more money on a mortgage; provides a series of reports in its training.
  5. The report series is also available from Z57 by way of autoresponders; automatic delivery is important in terms of timeliness for the prospect and convenience to the agent.
  6. Another effective service is advising property owners about taking advantage of a decline in property values to save on property taxes; people are motivated to stay in touch each time taxes are due if the agent is the person who helps them save money on taxes.
Effective Web Sites

  1. uses Z57 as its website provider, a resource that also provides agent web sites; the company offers excellent prospecting tools as well as automation.
  2. Z57 has identified that website visitors are looking for information on selling, buying or relocation, so their agent sites feature clear pathways to these primary elements on the first page.
  3. The biggest mistake agents make on their sites is focusing on themselves and their company instead of on the services for the public.
  4. Using the See You Again Software icon technology is an effective way to facilitate the regular return of visitors to your web site. [See Paul Burkeinterview on April 2003 tape and newsletter.]
More Deadly Marketing Sins and Remedies

  1. Branding just your name makes you hard to remember and hard to find; instead, use a brand that identifies your geographical area, connection to real estate and market niche (e.g.,
  2. Not giving Web visitors what they want access to the MLS causes you to miss out on capturing their contact information; you need an IDX service or virtual office site.
  3. Instead of paying to market the floor broker, shift to a call-capture system (800#) that notifies you of a lead directly and immediately; this tool should be on your web site and all your traditional marketing.
  4. Using Web marketing without tracking the results is a waste of money the best web site providers have systems to do tracking; you also need to know how easy or hard it is to find your site on search engines.
  5. is an excellent, free resource to monitor web traffic and compare your site to others; you can determine how many visitors you have and what pages they view; strong statistics that support your web presence can be a selling point for your own marketing presentations.
  6. Not following up on email inquiries wastes good leads.
  7. Assuming that what works for other advertisers in other businesses doesn't work in real estate is foolish; every month, 50% of Internet users enter a sweepstakes in exchange for their personal information you should be doing a drawing on your web site every month.

  1. The company's new site is intended to be a key solution for real estate success; it offers training for real estate and technology in one package.
  2. The 26-hour tape-training program covers all aspects of the business in away that allows users to customize a path that suits their personality.
  3. RealEstateCoach also offers training by telephone (teleclasses); a 6-week session on Honing Your Tech Skills that begins on Sept. 9, 2003 (completion meets requirements for the Society's RECS designation) will give specific strategies for incorporating tech tools into your business.
Permission Marketing

  1. To avoid having your online messages interpreted as spam, get people's permission to communicate with them.
  2. The key is first providing a service to people and then letting them give you their contact information; get people to keep coming back to your site via service options such as reports and discount coupons.
The Most Overlooked Tool

  1. The telephone is still the primary way to make personal connections because it is proactive, whereas the Web is passive.
  2. Getting prospects on the phone to walk them through website material can be an effective, combined use of both media; people who may be intimidated by sophisticated bells and whistles often appreciate a simple, one-on-one approach.
Favorite Features at

  1. The pop-up on the company's front page is the Z57 prospector tool that registers people for drawings, coupons and other kinds of promotions; get complete information (also about its html email program) from
  2. A complete package from includes the 26-hour training program (including 400 printed pages), the Z57 web site and the Z-mailer for $995 an extraordinary value.
  3. Real Estate IQ is an interactive program (available free on the site) that offers a personality assessment and compares your responses in realistic situations to those of top-producers you get a 20-page report back from Ross; managers can order the product and arrange to receive reports on agents from Real Estate Simulator.
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