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"Web & Video Tips to Attract Buyers and Sellers "

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1/2/09 Interview with Bernice Ross
PO Box 90849
Austin, TX 78709

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The New Real Estate Model

  1. Real Estate Dough: Recipes for Real Estate Success explains that doing real estate has evolved from broker-centric in the late 1970s, to agent-centric through the 1980s and 90s, and client-centric by 2000.
  2. The transactions that are most successful today are those where the brand, the agent and the client all work together—the collaborative model.
  3. Instead of adopting a single approach, agents should build on what they do best; the concept as developed in The Power of Opposite Strengths (Thomas and Thomas) involves creating a balance between thinking and action.
  4. Ross thinks in terms of choice management, not time management—the answer is to hold onto the best of the old and best of the new.
  5. Two things to discard are cold calling and having your personal photo on your marketing materials such as postcards; replace the photo with your web address and an offer of service (give-to-get marketing).

Employing the Latest Internet Tools

  1. The first social networking site to join is Linked In, a business-to-business site that allows members to see all the information linked to other people in their Linked In network.
  2. Agents can use LinkedIn to introduce clients to the agent's preferred providers, plus it allows the agent to see the client's contacts if the client joins—a great way to build your referral database.
  3. Other widely used social networks are FaceBook, MySpace and (for Boomers); expand to these later unless you already use them.
  4. A good mini-blogging site is, a communication service that allows text messages up to 140 characters (called tweets); Twitter is a way to connect with people to have a conversation.
  5. Avoid promoting your real estate services directly; use these Web resources to build relationships and to connect with people conversationally.


  1. Syndication is the ability to send your listing information to multiple outlets from a single source; the most important sites to be on whether you syndicate or not are Craigslist, Google and Yahoo! Real Estate.
  2. Use of video is the hot trend for 2009; is a new resource for syndicating video tours to 15 video sites, including YouTube, Yahoo! Video and Google Video.
  3. Lifestyle marketing—capturing what it is like to live in a local neighborhood—is a trend; it is worthwhile to invest $1,500-$2,000 to create a high-quality, "Living Like a Local" video that promotes your area.
  4. Society associate MultiMedia Pros can do this type of quality project relatively inexpensively.
  5. Personal video devices that will outdate text messaging are on the horizon; face-to-face contacting that traditionalists like is coming back into vogue.

New Search Engine

  1. is a search engine that rivals Google; Ross finds it more efficient for simple searches for information such as phone numbers.
  2. SearchMe lookups display scrolling pictures and a several-line summary of the result sites; the actual pages show the search terms highlighted.

More Tips for Using Video Effectively

  1. Video testimonials are an effective way to capture client endorsements, plus they are good protection in case a client later sues you.
  2. Sending video footage is a way to help relocation clients preview neighborhoods.
  3. Before and after staging videos are a helpful listing tool.
  4. Kelly Roark of the listing suggests videotaping home inspections to serve as a record of concerns.

Favorite Web Sites

  1. Use links to fun sites to make your own site more interesting; e.g., (information about local events), (the cheapest gas prices in town) and (the walkability of neighborhoods on a scale of 1 to 100).
  2. offers to create a virtual tour and floor plan that can allow the user to redecorate online; this powerful tool changes wall colors, flooring, and other interior and exterior choices; the cost is a per-room fee.

Resources from Ross

  1. Ross' book Real Estate Dough is available at; a fun and educational card game of the same name can be purchased, too.
  2. The game teaches win/win negotiation—the number-one skill RE professionals need in today's market.
  3. "Positive News for Positive Realtors" is a free weekly broadcast from that tries to counterbalance the negative news circulating; the program focuses on what is right in the real estate markets.
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Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:
Helpful books: Real Estate Dough by Bernice Ross; The Power of Opposite Strengths
by J.W Thomas and T.J. Thomas
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