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"Attracting Buyers and Sellers on the Internet!"

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10/5/01 Interview with Bill Barrett

Bill Barrett Seminars
8273 Via Verona
Orlando, FL 32836

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Ideas for Attracting Buyers

  1. Make everything on your web site easy for consumers.
  2. Include three pictures on the first page of your site: a shot of you; something on the life style of your area; one of your listings.
  3. Wait until you have captured the interest of a consumer before requesting contact information; people want to remain anonymous initially.
  4. Include the address of the property with each listing.
Ideas for Attracting Sellers

  1. Sample #1 promote your Internet power: "Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, if we can come to an agreement tonight about marketing your home, I can have your listing on my web site within moments of completing the paperwork"
  2. Use a web master that allows you to make changes to your site yourself so that you have control over getting listings posted immediately.
  3. Post a demo listing of the property before going into the presentation so that you can show prospective sellers what you are offering immediately.
  4. Sample #2 tell sellers exactly how much Internet exposure you will provide: "If you list with me and my company, we can find your property on six different sites on the Internet."
  5. Show actual screen shots of all "six" sites; consider using, the local multiple listing service, the local newspaper site, your personal site, your company's site and your franchise/network site.
  6. Society members' DealMaking Wizard Disk gives about eight spots where agents can post listings at no cost
Maximizing Use of Technology to Get Business

  1. Top agents now take a team member with them to listing presentations; while the agent establishes rapport with the client, the assistant shoots photos and videos, takes measurements and enters the data right into high-tech templates so that clients can be shown customized marketing materials on the spot.
  2. With the team approach, agents do not have to know all the details of using technology themselves, but they should at least be comfortable with basic scheduling and use of their contact management system to keep in touch with their team members.
CDs for Marketing Yourself and Listings

  1. CDs that are the size of business cards are moderately useful, but they do not work in all devices; a more exciting new development is the appearance of notebook computers with the capacity to write CDs.
  2. Top agents use this technology to create CDs for listing presentations, buyers presentations, and highlight sheets and home books; the electronic format can present more information and impresses high-tech-oriented people.
  3. Blank CDs and paper covers can be bought inexpensively in bulk at office supply stores.
Total Technology Solutions for Agents

  1. A new company,, has attracted the interest of Barrett, other tech trainers and about six of the largest real estate companies in the country; it is completely owned by people within the real estate industry.
  2. allows you as a subscriber: to post 12 photos and 12 virtual tours on your site with them; provides you with a digital camera to take stills and video tours; provides you with the latest wireless email device; develops your web site for you; lets you upload your information yourself for instant updating.
  3. The cost of the service is $999 initially and $99/month.
  4. The company encourages agents to use for their primary site, but it recommends that they also have sites with its primary competitors,, and HomeAdvisor, and other sources that build real estate web sites.
Customizing the Hottest New Devices

  1. The Blackberry is a wireless device with a full keypad that instantly receives email messages relayed to it; you can respond by voice or email and set it to screen out unwanted messages and to accept preferred ones.
  2. For web site use, agents should buy a good digital camera but use it at the lowest pixel settings (e.g., 240 X 320) so that photos will come up quickly on a computer; also get a cameral with a wide-angle lens.
  3. When you apply technology, customize what you do to your needs as a professional and to the parameters of what buyers and sellers want.
The Keep-It-Simple Approach

  1. Because most real estate pros did not grow up with technology, the easier technology is to use and the less learning time it requires, the better.
  2. Many agents are not using technology effectively because they have not found an easy way to learn it and to be updated regularly; better training should be provided by real estate offices, boards and associations.
  3. Easy tips and tools are consolidated into one spot at the Society's "25 Top Cyber Tools" on; an example is the resource to find anyone's phone number or a reverse phone number lookup.
Staying Current

  1. Replace your technical devices regularly: cell phone about once a year; laptop, every two to three years.
  2. Take advantage of useful Internet sites that offer free or low-cost services such as
  3. Invaluable information for agents is available on the Sale Price sites like,,, Domainia,com and eNeighborhoods; also check if your local county posts sale prices.
  4. Other good sites for agents are for aerial photos and for latest versions of common software for free.
  5. For travel deals, Barrett recommends and
What Lies Ahead

  1. Buyers and sellers continue to rely on Realtors for knowledge, negotiation, legal issues and emotional issues; the Internet helps consumers prepare themselves better to work with real estate pros.
  2. Internet tools are having a greater impact on making the Realtor more effective than on allowing consumers to cut out the Realtor.
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