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8/3/07 Interview with Bill Barrett

Bill Barrett Seminars
8273 Via Verona
Orlando, FL 32836

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Email Communication with Buyers and Sellers

  1. In today's market, buyers are looking at more properties and waiting longer to buy; it is imperative that agents keep in touch with them by phone, mail and email to let them know immediately what properties are listed.
  2. Most multiple lists allow agents at no additional cost to enter buyers' preferences and have appropriate new listings sent to both the buyer and agent by email; not all agents take advantage of this powerful option.
  3. Most contact management programs track daily activity for listings such as ads, showings, agent calls and web site requests; the programs also can update sellers regularly by email on such activity; Barrett uses Respond from the Marketing Library as his contact management system.
  4. Agents should get the email address of both husband and wife clients to assure that both receive continual communication; copying sellers on all replies to inquiries is another tip for keeping them informed.
  5. Email has the double benefit of being low cost and instantaneous; the tool allows agents to work at their own convenience, day or night.
Keeping Up with Past Clients

  1. Web services are available for a fee to automatically keep clients up-to-date on the value of their homes; examples are, eNeighborhoods,, and
  2. After clients are signed up, they receive monthly notice of all properties sold in their neighborhood; accuracy is not ideal but such services keep clients informed of trends in their area without agents having to do anything.
Tricks for Showcasing Properties

  1. Google Earth is a free online resource that can be combined with (just $40) for real WOW power; SnagIt allows you to capture and display pictures from the Internet.
  2. Snag four aerial shots of a property you list from Google Earth-the farthest out photo and three progressive zooms to show school district and major roads, the entire neighborhood, and the top of the house.
  3. Agents are advised to create a PowerPoint home book CD (30-40 cents each) for every listed property to display all the information about it, including the Google Earth/Snagit pictures and other photos.
  4. In addition to traditional print brochures, agents should have the CDs available at the house so that potential buyers can take one and have all the information they need to make an offer.
  5. Converting the PowerPoint file to Adobe (which takes only two clicks) condenses the file into a lot less space; the Adobe file can be attached to the multiple listing agreement and to email messages to buyers.
Savvy Business Building Strategy

  1. At closing, give your buyer-clients a written list of web sites that will help them better enjoy their home and area lifestyle; also give them a list of service vendors you use and believe in, medical resources, restaurants, etc.
  2. Besides giving your lists to buyers at closing, post them on your web site for buyers and sellers to access at any time.
  3. Recommended vendors may be willing to pay you an advertising fee to help defray costs for maintaining your web site; this zero-based budgeting concept is used by many Superstar agents; reciprocal recommendations can be even more important than receiving advertising fees.
How to Build Your Email List

  1. Get email addresses of people in the area you farm through the community association-if you are not a member yourself, you could offer to do the community directory.
  2. Always get email address as well as their other contact information from potential buyers and sellers; offer to include them to receive a monthly market-watch newsletter from you; a checkbox can let them opt in.
  3. Also ask for email addresses of people they know who might appreciate the newsletter.
  4. Besides a VIP list of clients, maintain a list of fellow real estate agents doing business in your area and a list of agents you meet from other cities.
Niche Marketing

  1. The more lists of specialized groups you develop, the better-e.g., baby boomers, retirees, first-time buyers, geographic farming; an excellent example of a geographic farming site is
  2. Barrett's web site provides a resource for building up contact lists; click on "Find Your Customer" on the Products page; you can set parameters for the type of person to identify for a list (8 cents per address if you decide to buy the list).
URL Addresses

  1. Agents should buy at least two or three urls-first being their name and second being their theme to capitalize on their other advertising; secondary urls can feed into a primary one.
  2. Before doing a listing presentation, buy the street address from a source such as (for about $9 each); offer the seller a strip sign of the url to go below the For Sale sign so that potential buyers can get immediate info.
  3. After the deal, give the buyer the web site (or get them another site) to put up information about the move.
Fun Web Sites with a Business Twist

  1. is a good example of an interactive community site.
  2. and are virtual assistant resources to make life easier for agents.
  3. lets you create your own book of advice about real estate in your local area.
  4. is a resource for gifts in quantity at low prices; sells six-foot high roses.
Final Tips for Increasing Business and Decreasing Stress

  1. Create your own postage stamps at, or and purchase by the hundreds to enhance your high-touch mailings; create a stamp to give happy sellers at closing.
  2. Keep up with RE trends at, Inman News and
Contact Information for Bill Barrett:

(v) 800-432-1977
(f) 407-996-3288

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