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"Secrets For Successful Blogging!"

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10/6/06 Interview with Bill French

MyST Technology Partners, Inc.
155 Snowberry Way
Keystone, CO 80435

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What Blogs Are

  1. Blogs are an online vehicle for individuals to express their thoughts in a reverse chronological way-the latest postings appear at the top.
  2. Standard web sites are essentially a static environment with brochure-type information, technical support content, products, services and contact information; blog sites as a voice for an individual or company are more expressive.
  3. Blogs developed because customers are interested in topics and personnel not usually promoted by marketing departments; blogs are timelier than web sites because blogging extends the authority to change content to "domain experts" who publish freely, openly and faster.
  4. On the Web now, velocity of communicating trumps the security required to maintain a web site; more companies are developing a dual presence online-a standard web site plus a forum that gives people in the organization more latitude to express themselves.
  5. Companies using blogs are trying to make a better connection with their audience at a more humanistic level.
Application of Blogs to Real Estate

  1. At the heart of business marketing is making a person-to-person connection; a blog enables your audience to understand you more as a person.
  2. Real estate is certainly about people making connections and understanding how one can help the other.
How and Why Blogs Work

  1. On a blog, an agent can describe the special attributes of a property to much greater effect than in other venues, making the property stand out as unique; a blog posting also becomes a unique piece of content.
  2. Web consumers start with broad terms and narrow down to specifics; highly focused content can be more easily found by interested in details.
  3. Contrary to what the search industry emphasizes about having high visibility on very popular search terms, it is the unique detail that qualifies a searcher's suitability for your content and for the properties you write about.
Web Sites vs. Blogs

  1. The same article on a web site and on a blog gains an advantage on the blog; search engines capture all words on all web sites and all blog sites, but blog sites expose content in ways that are more easily indexed.
  2. Web sites use techniques called search engine optimization to refine content so that it can be found by search engines more easily; blogs naturally organize content in ways that machines can better understand-for example, using RSS (rich site summary or really simple syndication), an xml format that search engines readily pick up.
  3. Each posting on a blog counts as a page, so blogs can quickly overshadow web sites in page length, a factor significant to search engines.
  4. The critical step, regardless of whether someone lands on your web site or your blog site, is to get a visitor to respond; some bloggers include a link to their email and a phone number on every blog page.
  5. MyST is experimenting with direct telephone linkage through Skypes-a service utilizing voice over IP technology, an emerging environment that allows people to connect by voice directly from computer to computer.
  6. The key to improving response is to eliminate the friction that allows people to contact you; the more clicks you require, the less likely you are to convert traffic into leads.
The Long Tail

  1. Web site searches focus on common key words (the short tail); blog site searches are geared to specific terms (the long tail); only about 7% of searches are done on popular terms; 93% of searches add detail (with words not easily predicted) to narrow the results to what is wanted exactly.
  2. Blog sites take advantage of the long tail because writing for blogs naturally uses long-tail words; the more articles you write about narrower and narrower topics, the more likely you'll be seen in the long tail.
Blogging Platforms

  1. Every agent should find a way to start blogging-good free tools include BlogSpot / Blogger (a Google product); at the other extreme, you can hire an expensive marketing firm like NSL, which handles GM's blog.
  2. A number of other technology platforms fall in the middle range; agents have a good chance of connecting with customers even with a free blog.
  3. Don't stop selling to blog, but spend the least amount of time using this technology to benefit from it; seek out productive tools and products.
Benefits from Blogging

  1. A blogger can hear back from his audience about properties described on the blog-dialogs develop that lead to relationships.
  2. Blogs build visibility for you and your brand; dozens of new readers may be attracted to your blog every day through long-tail searches; bloggers tend to develop a following over time.
Solutions for Blog Content

  1. Search engines respond to fresh content, so blogging agents should write as often as possible, but they usually do not have time to generate new content every day.
  2. The definition of a blog SITE is broader than a blog-a blog site has multiple web log channels to handle more content.
  3. At, MyST can integrate other web logs into your blog site; continuous new content elevates your placement with search engines; free blog tools do not provide content.
  4. MyST also provides automatic, daily briefings or search watch-lists to be plugged directly into your blog; you can define what content to include and how it will look.
Favorite Resources on the Web

  1. Chris Anderson's site The Long Tail, details how people use the Web to find what they want.
  2. The Intuitive Life Business Blog by Dave Taylor touches on all the things about the Internet that impact ordinary business people.
  3. Neville's Financial Blog is the journal of an insightful college student.
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