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"The Keys to Marketing Positioning "

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8/4/00 Interview with Bill Koelzer

Koelzer & Associates Consulting
2924 Camino Capistrano, Suite D
San Clemente, CA 92672

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Keys to Marketing Positioning

  1. Distinguish yourself from other Realtors by picking a specialty and advertising it on your web site starting with a big headline.
  2. Get listed on community web sites for your area buy an ad, be included in the site's real estate section or swap links; you also need to be found on the major listing sites for your real estate specialty.
  3. For example, residential specialists should post listings on such major MLS sites as, HomeStore, HomeSeekers, HomeAdvisor, International Real Estate Directory (IRED), Virtual Relocation, CyberHomes and I Own; commercial specialists need to be on LoopNet, and regional sites be wherever your audience goes.
  4. Aim to come up well in the search engines (a never-ending task) but also buy links, banners and enhancements; always highlight your geographic area everyone searches for real estate by city.
Strategies for Search Engines

  1. Yahoo! and other major directories have so many categories that using the right metatags is imperative.
  2. Metatags are invisible codes programmed into the Source information about a site that summarize what the web site contains; out of efficiency, search engines read these codes instead of the entire site.
  3. Having the correct key words tagged is the secret to coming up in searches; key words should also appear in the first 200 words of the visible text on the page.
  4. Search engine placement services such as Submit It! and !Register-It! ask you for 25 key words; be sure the key words you report to them are consistent with what is actually coded on your site.
  5. Search engine placement services are worth using; the more attention you pay to key words and submitting to search engines, the better, higher and faster you will come up in a search relative to those who don't (most agents).
Key Word Research

  1. To check what competitors and leading web sites are using as key words, go to their sites and click on View, Source; the order of key words is relevant; apply your research to construct your own key words do not copy someone's list.
  2. has a tool that tells you the most frequently used key words searched in the last month; the name of a city and real estate are at the top of the list, so put them first among your key words.
Using Links to Drive Traffic

  1. An agent cannot achieve dominance in a competitive area through reliance on search engines alone; in addition, create links to your site from the Realtor Locator sections of well-used real estate sites.
  2. The Society's DealMaking Wizard disk, which all members have, has a section for creating links tailored to real estate specialties; it has hyperlinks to the top places for you to create free links.
  3. Incur the extra expense to make your name dominant on some key MLS sites such as or HomeAdvisor; instead of a free listing on, for just $125/year, have your name in bold at the top of the list for your area with a description of what you offer.
  4. You must have exposure in the right places online; the more often your name comes up, the better your chances to pick up online business.
Multiple Web Sites

  1. The more sites you have, the easier it is to get found; use multiple template sites to feed traffic to your main, customized site.
  2. You can get online initially using a template to create your primary site; having an online presence of any quality is better than having none at all, but template sites such as those that will soon be available through the Society can give you a very attractive presence.
Elements of a Good Web Site

  1. To find good examples of agent sites, go to, U.S. and click on states with Prime Locations; for comparison, view several sites that have received IRED's lowest rating.
  2. Your site should obviously position you in your marketplace announce to visitors that they have found exactly what they are looking for.
  3. The look and feel of your site should be welcoming.
  4. Strive for massive content that is logically laid out and easy to navigate use adequate white space; view Debbie Ferrari's site as an example.
Tips for Making Money in Real Estate

  1. Provide maximum service.
  2. Promote your email and web addresses; respond to email inquiries promptly; identify yourself prominently in your addresses.
  3. Abandon free email and AOL attachments are too unwieldy using them; also, free email programs do not project the best professional image.
  4. DSL and cable connections are best because they are fastest and can handle any kind of packages you may wish to send.
Other Favorite Sites

  1. Real Estate Library, Agent News, Realty Times, and the Agent Only section of are additional industry-related sites recommended.
  2. Excellent search engines include Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project. What Lies Down the Road Fewer agents will be doing a lot more business; technology offers you the chance to accomplish much more and to have fun doing it.
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