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"Achieving Commercial Superiority!"

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6/3/03 Interview with Bob Behrens

RE/MAX Commercial
1873 S. Bellaire
Denver, CO 80222

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Overview of the Commercial Real Estate Industry

  1. The business remains essentially a relationship business, but as the industry has globalized, the need for technology has escalated.
  2. Commercial clients are interested in the performance of properties not their proximity, so they consider properties around the world.
  3. The fiscal strength of the CCIM Institute allows the organization to make progressive ideas competitive advantages; despite how far technology has advanced in the last 20 years, greater progress lies ahead.
Site to Do Business (STDB)

  1. The CCIM web site is a major online resource for CCIM members; it bundles multiple services, including mapping, demographics, aerial and satellite photos, and Quarem for property/lease/transaction management.
  2. Although a savvy, technologically oriented professional can find these tools elsewhere, having them available seamlessly in one place makes access easy and convenient.
The Challenge of STDB Training

  1. The institute has a cadre of instructors (four teams of two) who travel to offer an 8-hour training module for which there is a waiting list; the session covers introductory, intermediate and advanced training.
  2. The introductory training is available on CD-ROM, which allows users who are comfortable with that medium to get up-to-speed quickly; topics include generating express packages and using the STDB.
  3. The training program levels the playing field for even sole practitioners to compete with regional and national companies in terms of information, how it looks and how it's packaged.
  4. CCIM chapters embrace technology and education; for example, the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter holds a one-hour training program before its monthly luncheon meetings; 75­100 of the 200 members show up early to take advantage of whatever the "hot topic" will be.
The CCIMNet Commercial Exchange

  1. The CCIM Institute has taken a bold step in a joint venture with Catalyst to create a commercial database that is driven by practitioners.
  2. Behrens expects CCIMNet to become the definitive database; its integration with the STDB advances the vision of the CCIM management team for the institute.
  3. The plan is to have people in the industry think of the CCIM Institute as the place to go for comprehensive resources to support global commercial/investment transactions.
  4. CCIMNet is partially available to the public at an affordable cost because the product is supported by the 15,000 CCIM members.
  5. CCIMNet is becoming the place to put properties first to be uploaded through the platform and sent to other places; Commercial InformationExchanges (CIE) across the country are rapidly embracing use of CCIMNet, asis RE/MAX Commercial, the first national/international group to do so.
Integration of Public Access

  1. Originally, the institute planned CCIMNet to be a proprietary product but realized the shortsightedness of that approach; the goal shifted to build the biggest and best database open to all.
  2. The institute offers people an attractive opportunity to come into both the exchange and the STDB through joint ventures (available to companies and private practitioners); for just the basic price of using CCIMNet, new people can become candidate members of the institute for two years.
  3. Candidate members have complete access to the STDB, the entire CCIM toolbox and discounted CCIM courses.
  4. CCIMNet is a place to market and find commercial/investment property for sale or lease; the STDB is an add-on that will be integrated with CCIMNet to provide tools for marketing; the CCIM Institute is an organization that educates and provides tools to commercial practitioners.
  5. Members and candidates of the institute benefit from friendships and from networking power for doing business; CCIM education elevates practitioners to become members of their clients' professional advisory teams.
Industry Competition

  1. As the STDB and CCIMNet gain momentum and critical mass, companies such as Loopnet and Xceligent may view them as competition.
  2. The institute aims to fulfill a need for affordability; the STDB provides everything a commercial/investment pro needs short of comps; CCIMNet is brought to the market for every practitioner to use cost-effectively.
  3. Growth is rapid; by the beginning of 2004, CCIMNet is expected to triple or quadruple the number of properties from the beginning of 2003; the exchange currently carries 20,000­30,000 properties.
Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. To keep abreast of the Western lifestyle near his home base, Behrens keeps and other resort sites on his laptop.
  2. As an outdoorsman, he enjoys Cabela's site for fishing and TM Ranch for clay shooting.
  3. Instead of conventional Yellow Pages, he uses
Projecting Ahead

  1. Over the next three to five years, business done across regional and national lines will escalate; technology and capital flow are key factors.
  2. Practitioners who fail to embrace technology will find themselves out of business; you must be willing to learn to use tools such as the STDB and CCIMNet or business will pass you by.
  3. The institute will probably always present its core curriculum from the podium, but it is always searching for alternative delivery methods for its quality education that are convenient and affordable.
Contact Information for Bob Behrens:

(v) 303-756-4747
(f) 303-691-3387

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