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"How to Run With the Top Dogs!"

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10/5/07 Interview with Bob McComb

Top Dogs
321 Cutter Street
Foster City, CA 94404

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Key Goals in Using Cyber Tools

  1. Lead generation is the starting point for using cyber tools; use them in a way to engage potential clients in a relationship by giving them reasons to keep coming back
  2. Deliver the marketing message that you are the person to go to in your market when people need a real estate service.
  3. Create a desire in potential clients to work with you-don't just claim to be an expert, demonstrate that you have the knowledge.
Lead Conversion

  1. Pre-framing is a form of lead conversion that reinforces a client's predisposition to use your services; before meeting with prospects, convey information about yourself and how you work so that face-to-face time can be focused on their needs and desires.
  2. Sending a preliminary assessment questionnaire or checklist demonstrates that you have an organized approach to learning about clients; clients evaluate your professionalism based on the quality of the questions you ask, but don't ask everything prior to meeting.
  3. Pre-framing can inform prospects how you work with clients; for example, show them closing schedules for sales transactions or timelines for lease relocations or an outline of steps and benefits of the processes you follow.
  4. Pre-framing makes clients feel understood and gives them a clear understanding of how they will reach their goal; it prompts an agreeable response toward the next step, which is executing an agreement.
  5. Don't overlook the importance of letting people know what you stand for-your values and standards in working with people.
Tools for Improving Service

  1. Marketing properties via the Internet can deliver a tremendous amount of information quickly, easily and with sophisticated attributes like sound, animation and 3-D; stay on the cutting edge with all of that to differentiate yourself as a cyber tool expert.
  2. Brokers should be moving more into transaction facilitation; the cyber environment allows setting up password protected areas to store documents; closing calendars and timelines for transactions should also be posted. [The Society's Settlement Room tool accomplishes this.]
  3. The objective is to make yourself indispensable to the client for future business so that you can secure the high lifetime value of the account.
  4. Cyber tools should then be used to stay in touch with clients; when their next real estate event occurs, you want to be top of mind with them.
Improving Marketing Communication

  1. Posting property information is not sufficient-you need to solicit a response with strong offers that provide a reason for prospects to contact you.
  2. Offer multiple ways of responding such as email, a toll-free calling system and a chat mechanism (if someone is always available to respond).
Mistakes to Avoid with Leads

  1. Don't dump people into voice mail; to capture more leads, set up a system that allows conversation with a person initially.
  2. Don't post too much information on your web site; release enough at the outset to attract attention and strengthen it with a good offer for more information through a privileged area of your web site in order to prompt a call or an email message.
More Cyber Tools for Commercial Agents

  1. To support your image as an expert, provide your contacts with content about real estate processes; e.g., offer your contacts newsletter subscriptions, special reports that can be downloaded and books or pamphlets-offer a gift for completing an informational survey.
  2. In the realm of transaction management, be sure that you can send, receive and mark up documents; be sure to post a transaction timeline; be able to provide clients with additional images, floor plans, space-planning tools and estimates; be sure everyone on the client team can access all the same information so that they can reach a consensus.
  3. Utilize automated activity reporting to retain listings until they are sold or leased.
Top Dogs Training Course

  1. The first priority is lead generation because having lots of leads changes everything for agents, from choosing whom to work for, to how much to charge and what kind of transactions to work on.
  2. Lead conversion is the next priority; strategies can be used in the cyber world or the physical world.
  3. Delivery of services and influence skills are other important areas of attention; agents often need to influence clients to take the necessary steps to reach their real estate goals.
  4. The program is set up for the newest players, but it is also effective for agents who have worked in the field for a while but have underachieved and for longer-term agents who have reached a plateau.
  5. Top Dogs training aims to give agents the proper foundation for their real estate career so that they are functioning at the highest level and moving toward a goal of spending most of their time in transactions because they have automated and delegated.
  6. A key lesson for agents is to work each week on their business, not just in their business, to improve their practices.
Favorite Commercial RE Web Sites

  1. GoREA is a resource for assistance with commercial real estate business; it covers contact management, electronic marketing and business management.
  2. The Site To Do Business Online works closely with CCIMs to provide a forum for commercial properties and information technology tools.
  3. Catylist is a national listing service for commercial properties.
  4. The CoStar Group and Loopnet also offer relevant services for commercial agents.
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