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"Master Your Market With Microsites"

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4/6/07 Interview with Dan Gooder Richard

Gooder Group
2724 Dorr Avenue, Suite 103
Fairfax, VA 22031

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The Marketing Evolution

  1. The difference that existed in the last century between virtual reality and reality has merged into a balance; top producers today are doing more of both online and off-line marketing.
  2. A trend in the new reality marketing is the use of microsites to capture online leads to be promoted off-line.
Microsites Defined

  1. A microsite is a one-page web site that is built around a lead-capture form; a microsite can stand alone, or it can be linked to a primary site.
  2. Microsites work well because they are simple; prospects are not distracted by numerous other pages of content and links so that they fade away without leaving their information.
How to Develop a Microsite

  1. Register a domain name and direct it to a site that is a one-page form; both name and form should be targeted to capture local buyers or sellers; a web designer or service such as Rainmaker eCentral can assist.
  2. Be very specific at the neighborhood/community level (e.g. Beacon Hill) so that off-line marketing can focus on the specific area.
  3. Cross reference your main site on microsites; most RE boards require that microsites identitify the agent; at the bottom of the form page, list your contact information, including your main web address.
Getting a Payoff from Microsites

  1. Driving traffic to your microsite and capturing leads are the goals for success; add the site to all your off-line promotions-you incur no extra charge.
  2. Develop specific campaigns to promote your link in the targeted neighborhood- advertise in community newspapers and homeowners association newsletters, send "Just Listed/Just Sold" postcards, use brochure box flyers and sign riders, applying a vehicle wrap to your car or a moving van.
  3. Your promotions should reference both your main, branded web site and the functional microsite.
  4. Once a lead comes in through a microsite, respond to the targeted request (for a competitive market analysis or price opinion, etc.), but the key to converting a lead is to put the person into a drip email program.
  5. That follow-up drip marketing campaign must be in the subject of interest of the form-specific to sellers, buyers, relocation, etc.
Drip Email

  1. Drip email is a system of prewritten email messages that are sent out on an automatic schedule with no set end; the technique is so efficient that an agent can provide for a leads list into the thousands.
  2. The technique reaches consumers directly without your competition knowing what you are doing.
Leads to Sales

  1. Leads becoming face-to-face clients depends greatly on the relevance of an agent's drip follow-up; adjusting messages to a prospect's interest is very important-one size does not fit all.
  2. As time goes on, the consumer is moving closer to being ready to meet with an agent; every email drip message should include an offer of additional service-e.g., an offer to inspect the consumer's home for a marketability analysis or to meet with a seller to do a pre-approval analysis; the aim is to stimulate further response to the agent.
Multiple Microsites

  1. Some agents use as many as a dozen microsites, especially if they focus on very specific neighborhoods; some sites in urban areas target specific buildings; microsites can be split again for buyers vs. sellers vs. investors.
  2. The use of microsites can be valuable for commercial practitioners as well as residential specialists -e.g.,,,
  3. Very specific microsites (BackBayCommercialPropertyValues) can redirect to a principal one (CommercialPropertyValues) or another main page that remains simple.
More Tips for Maximizing Microsite Benefits

  1. Experiment with your local, off-line promotion to find the media that work best for conveying what your microsite offers.
  2. Also consider online promotion of microsites; they work well with pay per click but don't have enough content to be search engine optimized; strategic links can drive traffic to your microsites.
  3. Segment your target audience into sub-categories of interest; homebuyers might be investors or buyers of luxury homes, condos, second homes or golf communities; sellers in the same community could be FSBOs, expireds, pre-foreclosures, etc.; separate microsites could address each segment.
  4. Don't create a microsite without drip email follow-up-you need a way to reel leads in; don't depend on only one microsite-keep trying new ones for new target markets and segments; also experiment with new promotions and media.
Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. is an online resource for ordering greeting cards that are physically mailed;; your handwriting and signature can be reproduced.
  2. is an example of a very successful microsite.
  3. The Society offers members a way to send out gift certificates for services such as a free home appraisal; access is through "25 Top Cyber Tools" at
Summary Advice for eMarketing

  1. By integrating e-marketing with off-line marketing, you leverage both because they are part of the same big picture.
  2. Show web domains prominently in off-line marketing; include your phone number and address in online marketing.
  3. Be consistent in using the same branding in all marketing; make it easy for consumers who are ready to respond to reach you.
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