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"Trade Secrets For Capturing Leads!"

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2/3/06 Interview with Dan Gooder Richard

Gooder Group
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Advice for Capturing Real Estate Leads Online

  1. The secret is the effective use of forms; the lack of forms is the #1 weakness in even some of the better real estate sites.
  2. No matter how powerful your web site content or how successful your marketing that drives traffic to the site, lead generation breaks down unless prospects give up their identity to you by filling out a response form.
  3. If you don't have good forms and numerous forms, you won't get maximum leads off your web site; you must offer web visitors something to induce them to tell you who they are.
Tips for Improving Lead Capture Forms

  1. Response forms need to be very specific with their offer of service or information one size does not fit all; a generic form will fail to hit a consumer's motivational hot spot.
  2. Specific forms, however, hold promise for capturing different kinds of prospects; whatever you are looking for, use forms that will appeal to that group's interest and get them to respond.
  3. For example, a form offering a report on "Ten Tips for Selling at the Highest Price in the Shortest Time" will attract home sellers but not buyers, renters or other types of real estate consumers; identifying the reason for responses allows you to tie prospects into your system more effectively.
  4. You need to have an automated email system to reply to specific leads appropriately; you may be inundated with submitted forms, and some leads may require follow-up over a period of months, so automated email is the only practical solution to stay in touch.
Quantity vs. Quality

  1. Decide first whether you want quantity or quality in replies; forms that only ask for an email address (and maybe a first name) will generate quantity; these are called miniforms.
  2. If you want quality, questions need to ask for self-qualifying information; only truly interested but highly motivated prospects will reply.
  3. Asking too many questions will drive prospects away; the trick is to ask just enough to screen them and to have enough information for follow up;make the questions relevant for the prospect and not too long.
Form Content

  1. Include a strong preamble the first persuasive sentences of the form; it should tell consumers what they will get and why they need it.
  2. Ask a seller nothing more intrusive than email address, phone and street address on the form; keep the information requested on the form separate from what might be required for a follow-up service the first objective is for the agent to get a face-to-face appointment.
  3. Be clear in your call to action (what you direct consumers to submit) and about the reaction (what will happen after they submit) e.g., receive information online, by email or by phone or mail.
  4. The more forms on your site the better 20 or 30 rather than 2 or 3; if prospects want to respond to offers on more than one form, cookies can beset up to facilitate their resubmission of information.
Following Up Captured Leads

  1. There should be an instant response (thank-you screen) when the prospect submits the form; a rapid response by email should follow within moments;ongoing automated drip email should be set in place.
  2. Scan responses and make a judgment if your reply by phone would be appropriate; if leads are outside your market area, consider making a quick referral to another agent through the Society's free Referral Center.
  3. Remain in touch with leads, especially with second and third responders, by email and/or phone; as the relationship matures, add contacts by mail(postcards and announcements).
  4. Use offers and links in your email messages to drive prospects back to your web site to be repeatedly exposed to your services and your team.
  5. Numerous service providers can supply campaign copy (written messages);the Gooder Group offers Rainmaker E-Central®, a comprehensive package that agents can customize and personalize; for information, click on Quick Tour at
Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Don't have your forms appear in a popup have them open as a new page; popup blockers can reduce your responses by 30%­40%.
  2. Don't miss out on having enough forms on your site include them on your main navigation and imbedded into pages.
Positive Steps

  1. Only a small fraction of agents have a rich web site and are capturing significant business off the Internet; the single most important step is to build a brand that is transferable when you sell your practice (never use your name as your web address).
  2. Build consistent online business around three aspects that support your brand a rich web site, specific lead-capture forms and a targeted, drip-email follow-up system.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. is a free database reference of industry providers and suppliers; the "Web Site Buyer's Guide" there lists web site providers by budget.
  2. provides property web sites; the combination of property web sites and virtual tours will be the wave of the future.
  3. "Web Site Analysis" at offers a worthwhile critique of your web site.
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