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"Keeping Up With Email"

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6/1/01 Interview with Dave Beson

Dave Beson Seminars
7200 West 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55439

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A Winning Attitude for Real Estate Pros

  1. Because practitioners in this industry like to win fast, they resist solutions that are not fun or easy; focus on the things you can do to feel immediately successful, especially in using technology.
  2. Build on your strengths and get those aspects moving smoothly before concentrating on improving areas where you have no strength; for example, seasoned agents have more past customers than new prospects‹so spend your resources on getting repeat and referral business.
  3. When you get email inquiries, follow up repeatedly; the Internet-enabled consumer wants to be contacted four or five times by email before talking to you in person.
The Importance of Your Web Presence

  1. The trend is to have more than one web site; one of them should be through Homestore and
  2. Too many web sites are glorified business cards that are frozen in time; whether you buy a pre-packaged web site or do a customized one, at least one of your sites should be a dynamic virtual brochure that has fresh, updated content; at a minimum, your web page is a meeting place in digital space.
  3. Your primary site could have up to 1,000 pages and be a living institutional ad; it can be changed over and over, but should always have a clear identity that serves as your placeholder in space.
  4. The Personal Web Site provided to all Society members as part of their membership gives you customized options supported by the depth of; you also benefit from the Society's visibility program to help online prospects find you; the site can be effective as a primary site or a feeder site.
Mistakes to Avoid with Your Site

  1. Failing to promote your web site: integrate all of your promotions to build an audience; depending on metatags and search engines to drive traffic to your site is no longer sufficient.
  2. Not getting started: you need some kind of web presence to reach a possible new niche market for your business.
  3. Overlooking the importance of advertising your web address: don't forget that your site is a communication portal available 24/7‹promote it more aggressively than your 800#.
Advertising Revolution

  1. Expect newspaper advertising to become much sparser as agents move toward advertising a few featured properties instead of their complete list or advertising what value their company can add and sending customers to the web page for detail.
  2. Information on your web site can be much more comprehensive than in standard ads; a web entry on a property can contain floor plans, thumbnail pictures, virtual tours, condominium documents, sales history, resales available in the community and more.
  3. By providing comprehensive information on a market sector you can quickly become the market leader and recognized expert in your area; the Crocketts of Mentor, Ohio became overnight leaders in the local condominium and townhouse markets after they posted resales, current inventory and documents (for the convenience of local associations).
Keeping Up with Email

  1. Email is a tremendous communications boon, but it also a major responsibility that creates serious demand on your time; you should check your email twice a day so that people will feel they are connecting to you.
  2. The freeware program EmailRemover works independently of your email server and facilitates screening your email by creating a quick list from which you click off the messages you want to read and those to immediately delete.
  3. In addition to using it yourself, you might tell prospects about it as a way to win their confidence and get them to share their email address with you; when you send prospects email, be sure it has value so it won't be automatically deleted.
  4. Email is anonymous enough to allow you to have a good day no matter what‹you can use it positively even on days when you might not be physically or emotionally up to par.
  5. Three key points to employ with email are repetition, personalization and discretion.
Maximizing the Use of Technology

  1. eNeighborhoods (aka Know Your Neighborhood) is a great tool for profiling yourself to customers as knowledgeable about the markets they are selling from and moving to; it is a subscription service that comes to you every month on disk.
  2. In presentations to sellers, emphasize information about their current neighborhood, not overpricing their home and paying a fair commission rather than shopping for a bargain agent; offers an effective interactive pricing program.
  3. Once you have a prospect, stay in touch, even if they are not ready to sell/buy now or if they chose someone else to work with this time; realize each person is a profit center.
  4. To automate client follow-up, use one of the good contact manager software products on the market, such as Top Producer, Online Agent and the PREP program; they all have wide-ranging features at low cost and are relatively easy to use.
  5. In Canada, Maximizer and GoldMine are more popular than in the US.
Beson's LetterWriter Programs

  1. LetterWriter, LetterWriterPlus, NewletterWriter and eLetterWriter can be used with contact managers; the earlier programs install automatically in your contact manager.
  2. The ActionPlan feature in LetterWriter allows you to set a seven-year follow-up plan with just three clicks.
  3. eLetterWriter deals with email messages; the transaction processing section sets up five messages to go out automatically during the five to seven weeks before closing; follow-up can be set to send messages automatically every other month for 48 months.
  4. Whether you use other software programs, postcards, brochures or other creative ideas, think 'repetition'; serial contacts amounts to client insurance‹the biggest advantage veteran agents have is not experience‹it's contacts.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. is a helpful shopping aid.
  2. Other recommended search engines are (no advertising) and
  3. A consumer-oriented site for neighborhood and credit information is
Predictions for RE Pros

  1. Classified advertising will be reduced as a budget item; some of that money will be redirected to fund cyber strategies to reach a diverse consumer base.
  2. You need to develop a three- to four-year business plan in order to reduce mistakes, increase focus and become more profitable; from your long-term plan, back up to set your near-term goals.
  3. Over the next six months, think in terms of applying technology tools, maximizing use of your contact manager, beefing up your web site and keeping it fresh.
  4. As consumers look for lower costs, competition will increase; start now to use technology to organize your details, clean up data and automate repetitive tasks.
  5. Trust built through a personal relationship remains the key ingredient for real estate transactions‹but the tech tools allow you to connect with more people to reach your financial targets.
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