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"Three Big Myths of Real Estate Marketing"

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6/1/07 Interview with Dave Beson

Dave Beson Seminars
7200 West 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55439

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Tips for Taking Advantage of Technology

  1. A challenge in what has become a 24/7 technological world is to maintain a balance between work and the rest of life; technology should be a tool, not an impediment.
  2. A tablet PC is a great tool that makes data portable-Beson especially likes HP's tc4400; it is similar to a notebook except the screen swivels and locks down; the stylus lets you do things not possible with a keyboard.
  3. Wireless is a huge trend; using a tablet and a wireless hookup makes it possible to access data and conduct business from almost anywhere in the world; however, during your private time, it is okay to turn the tablet and your wireless connection off.
  4. Wireless can also be used with a portable minicomputer such as a palm-sized HPI pack or even a cell phone; portable devices can be synced with your office to keep you supplied with current and correct data while you are in the field as a rainmaker.
Impact of the Internet

  1. The Internet is at the heart of the real estate industry becoming portable and wireless with safely backed up data.
  2. Connectivity is available nearly everywhere at reasonably fast bandwidths; with Internet backup, data can be accessed even with borrowed equipment-one can do business on the road without a computer.
  3. Innovative bells and whistles make Internet use fun; the free site enables you to use your computer to make phone contacts without ever speaking-you logon and send text messages-even to yourself-for reminders at predetermined times.
Newest Beson Seminar

  1. "Reboot Your Business" is planned as Dave's next seminar topic; it will use the steps for restarting and cleaning up the computer as a metaphor for revamping business thought patterns and practices.
  2. The detailed content will focus on the practical matters that every real estate professional needs to deal with-such as setting goals, working with teams, using systems, business development, financial moves and more.
  3. Details and scheduling for the seminar are available at; the topic could become a podcast or a book.
The Most Important Thing for Agent Productivity

  1. Pipeline management is the single most important skill for agent success; it involves recognizing every contact as a profit center and getting the most benefit from people at all stages in the real estate process.
  2. Technology is a boon for pipeline management; communication with prospects can be customized, scheduled and implemented database; automatic follow-up can run for years.
New Book Title

  1. The Top Thirteen Proven Success Strategies of Realty Professionals, which Beson started years ago, originally referred to "eStrategies;" but because the Internet stock implosion turned people off about technology, Beson went with more generic terminology and dropped the "e."
  2. In fact, the book deals with a combination of traditional and tech tools; now many real estate tools are e-tools in nearly invisible ways; e-tools now are accepted and taken for granted as necessary.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. Orbitz lets travelers make reservations online; Internet shopping for lowest airfares is common.
  2. AccuQuote (life) and Accucoverage (homeowners) are online resources for insurance.
  3. is a site for checking driver's license information.
  4. Wikipedia is a popular encyclopedia site that is being continually updated through public contributions.
  5. has excellent content for growing your business.
  6. Hewlett Packard in association with Beson posts real estate technology information at
  7. promotes a unique way of looking at time in three categories: focus time / buffer time / free days.
Updating Former Predictions

  1. What Beson foresaw in 2001 about money shifting toward cyber-marketing strategies, competition to attract consumers increasing and tech tools allowing agents to connect with more people have proved accurate.
  2. An innovative strategy to cope with price compression is emerging in the industry-offering different commission rates based on level of service; agents using a flexible approach can present themselves as multi-faceted, full-service agents but still compete with reduced-service agents.
Advice Going Forward

  1. Agents still need to remember that they are the main ingredient to success, and they must build and maintain relationships with the people in their pipeline; careful use of technology can enhance doing so.
  2. The gauge for using tech tools is whether they help you do what you do better; there are often multiple options-for example, for contact management, Top Producer 7i, AgentOffice, Wise Agent and Respond for Outlook all work.
  3. Start by doing what you can with what you already have; spend time regularly to learn new features of tech tools; almost all devices today sync, so you should have the same data on your desktop and handheld device.
  4. Practical tips are to maintain a working list of the top 25 people that you can do business with, go to school to get the next designation, network for referrals and have a life outside of real estate (plan your vacations first).
  5. In Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, Gordon Livingston identifies the secret to happiness as having something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.
Contact Information for Dave Beson:

(v) 952-947-9111
(f) 952-947-9110

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Dave Beson's coaching site:
Favorite portable computers: HP's tablet tc4400; HBI pack minicomputer
Travel reservations:
Online insurance resources:
Driver's license info:
Encyclopedia site:
HP real estate tech site:
The Strategic Coach:
Contact management software: Top Producer 7i, AgentOffice, Wise Agent, Respond for Outlook
Book recommendation: Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, Gordon Livingston