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2/4/00 Interview with Dennis Galloway
720 Bay Road, Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94063

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New Directions with

  1. ImproveNet is revolutionizing the home improvement industry by changing for the better the way consumers deal with contractors for home improvements and repairs.
  2. The web site offers 30,000 pages of rich content-including 5,000 products and 4,500 threaded messages between consumers and experts on the message board.
  3. Visitors at a rate of 1 million+ per month are mostly people looking to improve their homes, sometimes by upgrading them shortly after purchase and sometimes in preparation for selling them.
  4. ImproveNet has launched a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign, both online and offline, to inform consumers of this new opportunity.
Using the Site

  1. You can establish a personal Project Advisor Folder in which to gather information; it provides a step-by-step framework for deciding what you want to get accomplished, setting a budget and planning the project.
  2. Once you submit your project plan to, the same day you are assigned a Personal Project Advisor-a real person who communicates with you for the duration of the project; the Project Advisor begins by helping you submit your job to contractors in your area for bidding.
  3. There is absolutely no cost to the consumer; generates revenue from the manufacturers and service partners who list information on the site and from other advertising.
  4. Contractors pay a small percentage fee to ImproveNet if they obtain a job.
How Real Estate Professionals Can Use ImproveNet

  1. The primary ways an agent can benefit are by providing ImproveNet content as value added for their clients and by receiving a revenue stream.
  2. ImproveNet offers agents a co-branded opportunity to provide their clients with ImproveNet information and services through the agent's web site; this access adds immediate value for clients and cultivates an on-going relationship so that clients return to the agent themselves and refer others.
  3. Realtors are responsible for locally marketing their own site and the ImproveNet opportunity; ImproveNet shares revenue with the agent from any jobs that are generated through the agent's site (tracked by cookies).
Business Success

  1. ImproveNet, already in business for three years, has built the critical mass, marketplace awareness and ability to deliver services necessary for success on the Internet.
  2. Alliances with major sites such as Microsoft's HomeAdvisor, AOL and Yahoo drive considerable traffic to
Screening of Contractors

  1. ImproveNet certifies its remodelers by checking their licensing; running legal, credit and insurance checks; and checking with the Better Business Bureau.
  2. The company also does four reference checks of past consumers and four checks with other contractors who know the candidate.
  3. To maintain independence, ImproveNet does not allow contractors to pay to become part of the service; to be on the database, contractors must pass the screening process
  4. Of 635,000 original contenders only 235,000 passed, and those continue to be screened regularly; each month about 50,000 contractors are invited to bid on jobs.
Internet Impact on Real Estate

  1. Use of the Web as a medium for gathering information is gaining momentum; the attraction is the extent of information and the convenience of 24/7.
  2. Consider having a section on your real estate site for "For Sale by Owner;" such a list is a rich source of leads for potential listings and a powerful attraction for potential buyers, who may buy a property from you.
  3. Realtors need to stay abreast of technological developments and apply the technology to improve their ability to service clients.
Web Competition

  1. Other sites in the marketplace offer services in the home improvement area, but none are as extensive as ImproveNet; most of the competition is less than six months old.
  2. Other home improvement sites include: and; they are essentially Internet "yellow-pages."
Favorite Web Sites

1. For aggregated news:; for business/technical information and links: 2. For public records:; for comprehensive facts: 3. For database links: The Future for ImproveNet

  1. The company has just filed in preparation for a public offering.
  2. The contractor base will continue to be improved; ImproveNet is putting full-time representatives in the field to recruit, train and motivate local contractors and help them improve their businesses.
  3. The Personal Project Advisor program will strive to deliver ever-better service to consumers.
More Advantages for Real Estate Pros

  1. To assure quality of service to clients, real estate companies can submit the names of contractors to ImproveNet for screening.
  2. Both commercial and residential agents can use ImproveNet as a source for quality construction/remodeling professionals-architects and designers as well as contractors.
  3. The best reason for real estate pros to come to ImproveNet is the opportunity to plug into a deep, reliable source of information and service that can enrich the service they give to their clients.
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