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"How to Sell Like a Champion!"

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8/4/06 Interview with Dirk Zeller

Real Estate Champions
5 NW Hawthorne Avenue, Ste. 100
Bend , OR 97701

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Adapting to the Changing Marketplace

  1. The advent of the inventory explosion in real estate markets nationally has brought the fundamentals back in vogue.
  2. Basic details for prospecting, Internet strategy in particular, have regained importance; the focus is back on harvesting leads because just being in the marketplace does not guarantee business in the present environment.
  3. An agent's contact management system has to be more sophisticated with its follow-up processes; the quality of leads and conversion rate are more important than pure volume.
Strategy Tips to Maximize Benefit from the Internet

  1. Agents need to squeeze website visitors to move them out of stealth mode; after harvesting an online lead, it should be run through a fundamental sales channel that takes advantage of traditional, face-to-face tactics.
  2. The key to persuading web visitors to reveal their identity is to offer them something of value as a motivator, something that they want-e.g., a compelling free report on buying a home more cheaply, on making a good decision or on understanding the marketplace.
  3. Regularly provide a market update for clients; allow the Internet crowd to access that update in order to impress them with the value of your services and knowledge of the marketplace.
  4. For example, post free reports such as "Ten Mistakes a Buyer Makes When Purchasing a Home, " or segment your marketplace into four or five price groupings and track inventory levels in your marketplace, including absorption rate (how many homes actually sell).
More Tips for the Shifting Marketplace

  1. Real estate is essentially a supply-and-demand business; understanding how supply and demand have changed over time is key to being a successful agent-the shift has been toward a growing inventory; buyers have more selections, and properties are taking longer to sell.
  2. Successful agents have to differentiate themselves-be clear about why people should do business with you; to get that message out requires having specific strategies, tactics and resources dedicated to gaining an advantage over the competition.
  3. Analyze your competitive strengths; use statistics to demonstrate them-e.g., the percentage of clients delighted with your customer service; quantify benefits you bring to clients such as an increase in sale price of your listings or a decrease in purchase price, down payment or interest for buyers.
  4. Other factors to highlight are the skills you have in the real estate business or possibly a volume advantage in leads or inventory.
How to Deal with Interlopers

  1. One of the biggest challenges for agents is "interlopers" or "lead terrorists"-third parties that generate leads to sell to the real estate community for a 35% referral fee without actually creating value; the industry needs to take back control of the lead generation and conversion process.
  2. Interloper companies are aggressively trying to place themselves at the top of big search engine searches in order to harvest leads away from agents.
  3. The big real estate brands (REMAX, Prudential, Cendant) are starting to respond; individual agents also need to respond; the key is to have a web strategy that maximizes search engine optimization; the goal is to make the site strong in organic traffic rather than pay-per-click traffic.
  4. Agents need to take better care of past clients in order to reap repeat business and referrals; NAR stats from the recent years of record sales show that only 13% of buyers and sellers had worked with their agent previously.
Zeller's New Book

  1. Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®, gets more deeply into strategies and skills than his first book did; important topics are how to generate more leads and how to be more effective in making presentations to convert leads.
  2. The sales process remains central to doing real estate business; improving skillfulness in this area is increasingly important as the industry becomes more competitive; once anyone could make money in real estate, but that time is over.
  3. As RE sales move off of record levels, if you want to grow your business as an agent, you will have to take transactions from somebody else.
  4. The book salutes the Society for educating and training RE pros to be more effective with strategies on the Net.
Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. Realty Times and Broker Agent News are prime sources for effective information.
  2. Outside the industry, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy are good motivators for success.
What Is Important for the Future

Moving forward, real estate pros will be focused on the fundamental shift in strategy and tactics. Contact Information for Dirk Zeller:

(v) 541-383-8833
(f) 541-383-8832

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