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"Use Tech To Build Worldwide Referrals!"

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12/2/05 Interview with Dr. H. Nathan Booth

Executive Realty
203 Yoakum Parkway, Suite 1812
Alexandria, VA 22304

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High Tech Tools for International Business

  1. Booth is always on the lookout for tools that allow him to do things better and faster.
  2. He relies heavily on a laptop and tends to replace his every 12­15 months; he may stick with his latest tablet computer longer, a Compaq T1000 because it does everything he wants; its quality is excellent, for example for DVD playbacks.
  3. Software for his tablet from Verizon allows him to access the Internet anywhere; a powerful Internet service that he often uses with Verizon and Vodafone is Netgear.
  4. Another favorite tool is his Hewlett Packard Bubble Jet printer that doubles as a scanner; it is very compact and portable.
  5. A combo drive from Norwood is a DVD recorder/player and CD recorder/player; in conjunction with it, a Sony Handycam can cut directly to DVD; the two tools allow Booth to cut a disk on site.
  6. His 4-mega-pixel digital camera (including flash) fits in his shirt pocket and will hold as many as 250 shots; it has AVI (motion) capability; Booth familiarizes himself with his tools by experimenting hands-on rather than reading entire manuals.
  7. Flash drives and e-drives (6 GB) expand the memory capacity of his laptop; they plug into a USB port and are instantly recognized by Windows 2000 and up; the drives are available for under $100.
  8. Booth uses different flash and e-drives to organize data geographically, he titles one for Europe, one for Asia, etc.; the portable drives serve as compact filing cabinets.
The Real Estate Challenge for the Decade

  1. Booth feels some concern about the sustainability of the record growth in real estate that has occurred over the last 13 years; previously the boom/bust cycle was running about 6­7 years.
  2. Some softening is likely in certain areas, but a complete meltdown does not appear to be in the picture.
  3. Interest rates are the biggest factor affecting housing; a dozen straight upticks are beginning to affect people's decisions.
How to Achieve Distinction

  1. Agents should strive to become a recognized expert in a niche area; 15 years ago, Booth opted to focus on international real estate, he became an instructor and built a network of credibility around that.
  2. The NAR has about 20 designations and certifications under its umbrella; find the area that truly peaks your interest and become the recognized expert in it so that you stand out from the average practitioner. [The RECS designation also accomplishes this.]
Avoiding Communication Incompatibility

  1. In communicating with people around the world, Booth found that reports and pictures were often unreadable because there are so many conflicting formats.
  2. The solution has been the use of PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader; Booth requires people to transmit files in that format; Adobe Acrobat Reader is available online for free.
Opportunity in International Real Estate

  1. Every real estate market is impacted by global factors, interest rates are driven by the international money market; all real estate services are globally connected.
  2. International investors are interested in real estate across the US; the heartland is attractive as a stable, long-term place to invest, the protective environment compensates for the lack of spectacular growth rates.
  3. Any agent can conduct business globally through the power of the cyber network; distance in time and place are irrelevant now that information can be conveyed through email messages and PDF files.
  4. Web communication is getting faster and easier and improving dramatically in quality; video, for example, has moved from small, jerky transmissions to fluid, full-screen, high-definition pictures.
  5. Distance education over the Internet has made training in international brokerage possible for anyone; the CIPS Network (reachable online directly or from offers computer classes.
Hot International Markets

  1. London has been on fire; places in the world that attract retirees are also hot, e.g., Costa Rica for its attractive exchange rate for Americans.
  2. As China and India become consuming societies and develop a middle class, they will become tremendous real estate markets.
  3. Building in China has taken off; India is growing a little slower than China, but Booth is investing time in that market.
Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. (a free site) covers all the major newspaper headlines during the course of the day; it is available in seven languages.
  2. is a resource for checking foreign exchange rates and history; international real estate clients purchase both property and currency; staying abreast of exchange rates is crucial to serving clients well.
  3. is a resource for trends; the latest census allows a search of demographics down to the street level.
  4. is a helpful site to Booth while traveling; it converts fax messages into email for him to access anywhere.
Industry Progress Towards Globalization

  1. Booth's prediction in 1998 that the industry on a local level would be elevated to global connectivity so that agents anywhere would have instant use of information worldwide is coming to fruition.
  2. A system is in place to sell across international borders; is a consortium of real estate associations from 55 nations; more than half have agreed to follow US ethics; provides listing opportunities with global exposure.
Contact Information for Dr. H. Nathan Booth:

(v) 703-461-3869
(f) 713-218-6258

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Favorite laptop: Compaq T1000
Wireless providers:
Internet service:
Favorite tech tools: Hewlett Packard Bubble Jet printer/scanner;
Norwood combo DVD-CD recorder/player
Adobe Acrobat Reader: available as a free download
Computer class resource:
International news:
Currency site:
Trends resource:
Free online fax service:
Global real estate resources: