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6/4/04 Interview with Ernie Brescia

Century 21 Real Estate Corporation
One Campus Drive - Wing 2B
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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Changes in Learning Opportunities for Agents

  1. Subject matter now reflects technology as a priority; once considered "nice to have," technology skills are now acknowledged as essential to the new way of doing real estate business.
  2. Century 21's delivery of learning has changed dramatically over the past three years in that it has migrated online in order to reach a greater number of agents around the world.
  3. More distance education programs are being approved by real estate commissions around the country for continuing education-validation of these programs' effectiveness.
The Most Practical Learning Programs

  1. The programs that have the most impact are those that hold agents accountable for achieving results; an example is the 10-week Floyd Wickman Sweathogs program (through RealNet Learning Services), in which participants set goals at the beginning and weekly analyze their business production.
  2. Century 21 has partnered with RealNet to offer agents an online version of the Sweathogs program under the company's brand.
  3. E-learning programs fall into two types: synchronous (students participate at the same time) and asynchronous (students work independently and are self-paced).
  4. Synchronous programs are led by live instructors over the Internet-good instructors make the course engaging by keeping students involved (e.g., through role-playing).
  5. Asynchronous programs are more widely available and generally take the form of tutorials; good tutorials allow flexibility for taking the course in more than one sitting (with bookmarked stopping points); good tutorials also allow for frequent interaction to maintain student interest.
Agents' Attitudes

  1. The willingness of agents to take courses online through the Century 21 Learning System has increased dramatically since its inception in 2001; initial resistance came from false assumptions that the courses would be impersonal and boring.
  2. Participation over three years has grown to about 20,000 of the 100,000+ Century 21 agents around the country; involvement transcends age groups, experience levels and geographical differences.
  3. Century 21 is working to bring more agents onboard for online learning because that is the primary way the company delivers training now; effort is being directed at experienced, high-producing agents to help them see the value of keeping their skills current.
  4. The company makes learning available in small chunks to counter the objection that it is time-consuming; the Society's 1-hour crash courses (with live instructors) on very specific technology tasks follow the same logic.
  5. Century 21 understands that agents do not want to be pulled away from doing business, so the company's model limits program sessions to 1-1.75 hrs. online; between sessions, agents have the chance to practice what they have learned, which increases the likelihood that they will continue using the new skills.
Benefits of Online Learning

  1. Besides leading to increased income, the online learning experience itself builds a sales associate's confidence in using technology generally; Century 21 draws its agents online for the programs and then coaches them to develop skills that apply to doing real estate business.
  2. The Society's Online Convention serves as a similar learning experience for attendees who gain insight and a level of comfort with technology by listening to the speakers, visiting booths and chat rooms, and networking online.
Agent Designation Programs

  1. Programs such as RECS [the Society's Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist] help agents to increase their income because the designees make a commitment to honing their skills in a particular market niche or skill area.
  2. Gaining the RECS enables agents to fully capitalize on the power of the Internet and electronic tools that can help them do greater business; designees with the ABR® [Accredited Buyer Representative] are committed to the needs of the buyer community.
  3. The real value of the designations is that they enable real estate professionals to target their business efforts and to acquire skills to excel in their chosen specialty.
Favorite Spots on the Web

  1. is the industry gathering place for information; it covers governmental issues and changing regulations ( e.g. anti-spam and do-not-call laws under revision).
  2. Email subscriptions are a convenient way to receive regular updates without going to a web site yourself; Reatly Times is a good example.
  3. is a great site for agents to use in becoming familiar with particular markets; it shows housing and population trends and can be a resource for farming strategies.
  4. and offer distance-learning programs that are approved to meet real estate continuing education requirements.
Where Real Estate Learning Is Headed

  1. In the next three years, the learning approach Century 21 has been using will be more widespread in the real estate industry; attendees at the Society's Online Convention [April 18-24] can experience examples of both a live class and a self-paced class courtesy of Century 21.
  2. In three years, more online networking and online live education will be taking place, as opposed to self-paced programs; agents will have more opportunity to get their learning and their coaching from an instructor using the Internet-which makes possible a visual component missing via telephone.
  3. The Real Estate Educators Association has started to give e-learning much more attention-the shift should become more rapid in the coming years; hopefully, state regulatory bodies will increase their approval of online continuing education courses.
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