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Jay Lucas Photo
1/8/10 Interview with Jay Lucas

CCIM Technologies, Inc.
5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1850
Dallas, TX 75225

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Evolution of Site to Do Business (STDB)

  1. Because Lucas continues to do commercial real estate transactions, he stays in touch with the marketplace and can understand how STDB can enhance technology to help RE pros be more successful.
  2. STDB recently celebrated its tenth anniversary; over that time frame, real estate technology has progressed remarkably and continues to change almost daily; about three years ago, STDB partnered with another company, ESRI, to access its advanced technologies.
  3. STDB stays on top of new tech tools in addition to offering relevant and timely data to the commercial market.
Overview of the STDB Web Site

  1. started as a demographic and mapping service; its information is useful for both commercial and residential real estate; the site looks at population changes and market trends that displayed on thematic maps; the imagery can suggest what the future might look like.
  2. The databases relate to almost any category of real estate business; the ability to draw on such depth of information levels the playing field for small practitioners to compete with major companies; with cutbacks in IT, now even larger companies are utilizing STDB to run reports.
  3. STDB has always been useful as a source of information on properties already listed for sale or lease; it has become more of a tool for prospecting—in-depth reports impress potential clients.
Enhancements to Service

  1. Over the past year, STDB has updated most of its technology; the web portal is new, and every function draws on new GIS technology.
  2. A good example is the product called Create Map Presentations; this feature allows you to annotate a map (aerial, topographic, etc.) in great detail, even to adding company logos.
  3. Pictometry Oblique Aerial Imagery has been added to the site; this feature allows a location to be viewed interactively from four different sides; the images are high-resolution; about 80% of the most populated areas of the US are available.
  4. Thematic layering of maps is useful for comparing locations; for example, the property with the least crime in its area can easily be determined.

  1. This new program (Real Estate Data Exchange), to be launched in late March, is aimed at making RE pros more efficient and productive.
  2. REDEX will allow you to upload information on a property one time and have it distributed to local, regional and national commercial MLS products of your choice; REDEX will also integrate the property info with marketing, analytical and financial tools.
  3. Rather than competing with LoopNet, CoStar or NAR’s CommercialSource, the CCIM program cooperates with them so that agents can use whatever they prefer; REDX also opens opportunities to use resources that you would not otherwise take time to employ.
Access to the STDB Web Site

  1. The CCIM Institute owns STDBonline, so members of CCIM have complete access to the site and all its technology tools.
  2. A variety of subscriptions are available to non-members at a cost of $250-$1000 per year; the equivalent value of assembling the information on your own would be $15,000-$20,000 per year—without the convenience of having everything integrated into one platform.
Where Technology Is Headed

  1. Technological advances will continue to improve the commercial real estate industry by making it more efficient and by providing more relevant information.
  2. Users of property and investors in property are going to want to know more; Lucas revises the real estate adage “Location, Location, Location” to be “Location, Timing, and Demographics” because customers are interested in where, when, why, who, what and how.
  3. Within three years, Lucas expects 50% of what his company is doing now to be enhanced; GIS (geographic information systems) is sweeping into business and industry worldwide.
  4. By embracing the notion that “real estate is geography, and geography is real estate,” agents will be better professionals going forward.
Favorite Places on the Web

  1. Paytrust is a bill management site; for about $12 per month, the service receives the bills, scans them and organizes them for manual or automatic payment; at the end of the year, you are provided with a record on CD.
  2. Dropbox is an easy-to-use service for central storage of files to make them accessible from desktop, laptop and iPhone; it is free up to 2GB; when something is dropped into a shared folder, everyone gets a notification;.
  3. MotionX-GPS is both a web product and an iPhone application; using an iPhone, you can take a photo of a property showing the latitude and longitude; the client can click on the link to see the location on Google or other mapping product and click on the bubble to see the photo and any notes.
  4. For the cost of the $3 MotionX-GPS app, Lucas saved himself from buying a $599 camera that puts latitude/longitude on pictures.
  5. Jack Peckham and his son have launched a useful and highly entertaining iPhone application, PeopleFlasher; one feature allows anyone opting in worldwide to see exactly what is flashed and to view on a world map where it is coming from, down to the street.
  6. Lucas sees the iPhone as the forerunner of where technology is going—imagination is the only limitation.
  7. The FlipVideo camcorder is an ideal tool for real estate agents to make short videos of properties and then email them to clients.
Parting Thought

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