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12/3/99 Interview with Jay Lucas

CCIM Technologies, Inc.
5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 1850
Dallas, TX 75225

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Overview of CyberTool Use

  1. In 1995, Bill Gates' analysis that real estate was one of the industries being revolutionized by technology caught Lucas' attention and inspired him to encourage CIREI to prepare its members; his involvement with NAR also oriented him to embrace technology.
  2. The key to unlocking success is a willingness to learn; new things to learn are growing exponentially on the Internet - you can find something new, fun and worthwhile every time you go online.
  3. The follow-up step is to accept the challenge to find a way to use your new knowledge; doing so is the only way to survive.
CIREI Explained

  1. The Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, a subsidiary of the NAR, bestows the designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM); there are 7,000 CCIMs worldwide and 5,000 candidates.
  2. The Institute runs the association for CCIMs and provides educational opportunities.
  3. The CIREI web site is available only to CCIM designees and candidates.
A Site To Do Business (STDB)

  1. Lucas and a small group of CCIM leaders were inspired by a Survey-of-Buying-Power product through the Internet to lay the groundwork for a similar demographic database for institute members. 2. The first version of STDBOnline was launched in early fall; version two should be launched before the NAR convention in November 1999, and version three is planned for the end of the first quarter of 2000.
  2. The core objective is to merge the explosion of available databases into a powerful, user-friendly set of information services for members that support doing business online.
  3. The backbone of STDBOnline in its first version is the blend of demographics and mapping capabilities provided through
  4. Version two will provide a variety of additional data products to give CCIMs a convenient resource for putting together presentations and packages for all types of commercial transactions; expect to find information on comparables, businesses, business locations, environmental and more.
  5. You should be able to input SIC code, bring up companies that fit the code in your defined area and see them plotted on a map.
Application Across the Industry

  1. The site for CCIMs should serve as a model for sites for other specialties and branches of the industry; real estate organizations are going to have to provide this kind of information to adequately serve their members.
  2. Many organizations have expensive, attractive web sites, but they tend to focus on one great feature; they are missing the need to offer their members a comprehensive resource.
Automated Presentations

  1. Version two of STDBOnline will give CCIMs the capability to generate a presentation simply by keying in the address of a property; the tool will pull together information from the variety of databases on the site and allow the CCIM to choose which elements to use in a multi-piece package.
  2. Version three will allow selection from a menu of package types.
Serving a Spectrum of Users

  1. CIREI has to be sensitive to the issue of the cost to members for the site-the cost is the same for everyone.
  2. Because of differing specialties, locations and technical orientation, organization members vary widely in the degree to which they will use the web site, but Lucas expects member concerns to dissolve by the end of 2000.
  3. The solution is CIREI's determination to provide so much value in the web site tools that all members will recognize that they could not obtain what they are using for less money independent of the organization.
The Power of Education

  1. The related challenge is to educate members to recognize what is available and to apply it to their business; as time goes on, even the more casual user is likely to be taking advantage of more offerings and gaining more value.
  2. CIREI offered presentations on "A Site To Do Business" at the NAR convention and is beginning training sessions for facilitators in December 1999 and for chapter representatives in January 2000. 3. Net meetings are planned as another innovative way to get people familiar with using the site effectively.
  3. If 10% of the enthusiasm of the people behind the product can be transferred to CCIMs, they will reach out and grasp the technology; the result will be an elevation of professionalism among the membership and rising expectations among the public. 5. Residential as well as commercial markets will be revolutionized - comprehensive information is as much a benefit to residential Realtors as it is to CCIMs.
Internet Tips

  1. Lucas uses the standard favorites such as Hoovers, KnowX and PikeNet.
  2. His recommended resource for new ideas outside real estate is
  3. For movie buffs, Internet Movie Database is a great site.
Where Technology Is Going

  1. Wireless devices are already emerging; they mean that technology is ALWAYS at hand.
  2. Application service providers (ASPs) eliminate the need for space- consuming software being resident on devices.
  3. The potential of these two trends for real estate pros is phenomenal; you will be able to do any part of the transaction from anywhere with excellence - but you have to embrace the technology.Words of Wisdom from Wayne Gretzky Love the game. Anticipate what is going to happen. Turn criticism into achievement. Work together as a team. Focus on the future.
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