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"A New Virtual World for Agents!"

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10/7/05 Interview with Jeff Turner
13082 Mindanao Way No.27
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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Innovations in Internet Marketing

  1. The most exciting development is a convergence mentality—turning what are not typically Internet devices into Internet devices; cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices are allowing both agents and consumers to have greater access to information almost anywhere.
  2. Convergence has been driven partly by hardware technology but mostly by the infrastructure of wireless technology.
Building Relationships Online

  1. The reluctance of some agents to utilize even the most basic form of Internet communication—email—is surprising; the tool is a way to communicate consistently and effectively with clients.
  2. A key is to use email in a timely manner; customers increasingly look for email communication all through the real estate process; taking advantage of it to reply promptly to questions creates good customer service.
  3. People's preferred method of communication has shifted to email; savvy agents embrace the change; they have email relayed to their cell phones so that they can respond to inquiries within a few minutes.
How to Make Your Internet Marketing Exciting

  1. Make use of the tools that already exist; virtual tours, for example, are under utilized despite all studies showing that consumers look for them.
  2. Few listings even carry multiple photos; adding these two things will create instant excitement on your web site.
The Power of Real Estate Shows

  1. The crux of Real Estate Shows is that it helps agents touch the senses of consumers—more than one at a time; such simultaneous stimulation has multiplier effect; pictures plus sound are 3 times as effective as either alone.
  2. The system is powerful yet easy to use; an agent can go out quickly to take 5–9 digital photos, come back and within minutes have an evocative tour that shows off the best parts of the house.
  3. The site gives agents a tool to upload their photos (5 for a 30-second show; 9 for a 60-second show) and to position them in the order to be displayed; the agent gets to choose where the camera goes, picking the spot where the camera zooms—and the software does the rest.
  4. For the sound portion, the agent selects the background theme for the presentation; the end result feels like a commercial.
  5. A good marketing program must be consistent so that consumers recognize how you market; the yearly subscription to Real Estate Shows therefore allows for an unlimited number of shows so that agents "just do it" without thinking about cost.
  6. An annual subscription retails for $125, but Society members through an alliance with Real Estate Shows can begin unlimited service for three months free and opt to extend for a year for only $99.95.
Comparisons with the Competition

  1. The typical virtual tour circles from a stationary point in the middle of the room, creating an unnatural experience.
  2. Real Estate Shows provide the sense of moving into and out of a room as in a movie or commercial; the end product is more appealing because it simulates real life.
Making Real Estate Shows Work for You

  1. Take your digital camera on your listing presentation and create a Real Estate Show even before you have the listing; email the show back to the seller right away to demonstrate your professionalism and seriousness.
  2. Expand use of the shows to showcase neighborhoods and schools; become a relocation expert if you work for a larger group and send the link of your neighborhood presentation to everyone in your company.
  3. Think outside the house—agents have come up with numerous, creative ways to employ Real Estate Shows for their marketing.
  4. The first shows created by Society members tend to be much better than those of average agents because Society members are not afraid to test the buttons to see what they can accomplish; computers are not natural for much of the agent population, who need to overcome an element of fear.
Procedures for Real Estate Shows Clients

  1. As soon as agents upload their photos for a show, an email is sent to them containing several links: the first has all the branding for the agents and utility buttons for sending the show; the second is the MLS-IDX-compliant link that removes branding for posting anywhere; others have instructions for linking to and other web sites (the agent's).
  2. Agents get unlimited access and editing capability; the link stays posted until the agent requests that it be taken down.
Impact of the Internet on Customer Loyalty

  1. For agents who are good at utilizing the Internet, loyalty has increased,but for those who are bad, it has decreased.
  2. To be effective on the Internet, agents need to become proactive, "intelligent marketers" who give customers the information they want and need to make decisions.
The Importance of Measurement

  1. Agents need to measure the impact of their marketing—"things that don't get measured don't get changed;" fear of change keeps agents doing things that may not be as successful as they could be.
  2. Agents need to utilize Internet tools that measure effectiveness; some web site hosts allow clients to see the number of hits and where they come from; the Society's tool through RealtyEGenius provides such tracking.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. The Real Estate Blog by Fran and Rowena is an interesting real estate blog.
  2. and are worth checking every day.
  3. and are great technology sites.
Influence for Industry Change

  1. The biggest thing on the horizon is the possibility of paperless transactions,a great benefit to doing business; the scary dimension of paperless transactions is that it would be easier for consumers to handle some of their own Internet transactions.
  2. The change will come either from inside or be forced from outside—the technology exists and the challenge is there for the industry to automate transactions.
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