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7/3/09 Interview with Jeff Turner
13082 Mindanao Way No.27
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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A Definition of Social Media
  1. Social media can be defined loosely as user-generated content in many different forms; it is a catch-all term for content that is created by end users and easily shared online with others through commonly available technology.
  2. Social media range from simple blogs all the way to video-sharing on sites such as YouTube and TokBox.

Relevance to Real Estate
  1. Success in real estate depends on two elements: solid relationships (the more the better) and information (an agent’s knowledge and expertise); successful agents are able to communicate their expertise and attract people to them in a relaxed way that invites interaction and builds new relationships.
  2. The traditional marketing and media model was a monologue broadcast to the world, but the hallmark of social media is creating a dialogue of one-to-many, many-to-many, and back.
  3. Social media have changed the way people utilize the online world and the way that consumers interact with the people they choose to do business with; because real estate is such a people-oriented business, RE pros can use social media to interact with known contacts and to find new ones.
  4. Because they are another avenue for communication, social media are not going to go away; their advantage is opening communication beyond one-on-one and thereby freeing up the flow of information; consumers now seek information from broad but trusted sources.

The Time Issue
  1. Time spent on social media is worthwhile in that it reaches people efficiently (no time wasted on travel) and it can be leveraged to touch several or many at once; however, feeling connected on social networks can be seductive, so one must manage time spent to keep it effective.
  2. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society has launched the Real Estate Cyberspace Network as a social networking tool for real estate professionals.

Tips for Using Social Networking Tools
  1. Move as many existing relationships as possible into your online social networks; besides being able to communicate with those contacts, you will be able to see whom they know.
  2. Evaluate the networks of your contacts to create opportunities for conversation; work to extend your own network and influence over time.
  3. To evaluate how well social media are working, use the same standard you use for other social activan aggregate judgment is more appropriate than specific return-on-investment measures for media advertising.

Dangers of Not Using Social Media
  1. Social media are not only for young people—the largest growth in Facebook over the last year was in the 35–54 age group.
  2. Engaging people in personal conversation as though talking at a party invites further conversation and personal meetings; by not being in the social media space, you lose those new opportunities.
  3. You also risk losing influence over long-standing contacts to others who communicate with them more consistently than you do because of a social network connection; the social networker does not even have to work at usurping your friends—the networker simply posts messages about what he/she is doing that go out to everyone in the loop.

Advantages of Social Networking
  1. A critical aspect of what social media bring is the ability to have constant contact—an ambient presence—with the people you want to influence.
  2. Hearing with intent is the foundation for social media success; following online conversations can bring you a better understanding than you often would gain from face-to-face contact; for example, you get a sense of what people like and dislike, and what their habits are.

Real Estate Shows
  1. With tools from this site, RE pros can create presentations for virtual tours, listing presentations, buyers’ gifts, holiday greetings, etc.; the process is quick and easy—a presentation can be done in as little as 5 minutes; the cost is very low, so people tend to use this service a lot.
  2. The Society has established a relationship with Real Estate Shows so that members can have unlimited use for 90 days at no charge and then extend for a full year at a special discount.

Favorite Sites on the Web
  1. offers email video messaging; the service allows you to place a video over a web page that will stay with the web page when you send someone a link; you could use the video, for example, to introduce a property page to a specific buyer.
  2. allows you to monitor multiple conversations on Twitter and opt to join in.
  3. is a live video-conferencing site (a Skype on steroids) that can handle up to 36 simultaneous video conversations.
  4. Google Voice, presently in beta, allows you to have a single phone number that rings all of your phones; you can manage distribution of your calls, set limits and timeframes, and forward recorded messages from others.
  5. lets the user create multiple kinds of content in one place and then distribute it to many sites; it can be used on-the-run to create a message for your blog, other blogs, Twitter, etc.; the site also functions as a social network.
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