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"Grow Up in a Down Market!"

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8/3/07 Interview with Jerry Rossi

Rossi Speaks, Inc.
1408 Bascomb Drive
Raleigh, NC 01773

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Why There Are Technology Naysayers

  1. Some real estate offices (both franchised and non-franchised) still have no concept of what the Internet is or how it generates traffic; they expect traffic to come to their web site on its own or mistakenly rely on unproductive systems from search engine optimization companies.
  2. Disappointment leads to their rejection of technology, but these skeptics need to realize that a web site is a billboard on a back road to which traffic must be driven.
How to Promote a Web Address

  1. Companies need to be strong about enforcing their brand in order to generate traffic-an obvious step is to base the email addresses of company agents on the web site instead of using generic addresses such as or
  2. If an email address is long, break it onto two lines on a business card to allow it to be large enough to be read easily.
  3. The web site should be posted prominently on all company marketing, including business cards, yard signs, print ads and billboards.
  4. Every agent does not have to have a personal web site, but every agent should have a personal url-e.g.,; the personal url might be used to point to the agent's page on a larger company site if that site is excellent; building one's own site may not be worthwhile.
More Tips for Driving Traffic to a Web Site

  1. Postcards have gained importance as fewer people bother to open and read direct mail letters; postcards are inexpensive and can reach a large number of people.
  2. Postcard content should give the web address, what is on the site and why people should go there; make website content so valuable to consumers that they will return again and again.
  3. Use third level domain names to reinforce your own web address.
Third Level Domains

  1. The "www" portion of a web address is a free space not necessary to transport web searchers to a url-e.g., both and point to the same Internet location.
  2. Therefore, a url of interest can be modified to include your own web address as an extension without changing the original url destination; recommending such third level domain names in your newsletter or on your business cards is a way to indirectly attract people's attention to your own web address.
  3. For example, Rossi might recommend a favorite Italian restaurant by giving the third level domain,, which takes people to the restaurant's site while reminding them of RossiSpeaks; the restaurant might even be willing to distribute his business cards that carry the restaurant third level domain on the back.
  4. This third level domain technique can also be used to simultaneously promote a listing and the agent's web site, as in
  5. Through your own domain manager, you can make an address point to the MLS listing or another page about a property.
Great Web Marketing Ideas

  1. An agent who replaces the dealer ID on his vehicle with a large graphic of his web address, a caricature of himself and "Real Estate," gets lots of online hits; a tag with a web address also can be made for a vehicle.
  2. The web address can appear as the large brand on house signs.
  3. Employ spatial repetition via postcards; spatial repetition is putting something in people's minds often enough that they recall it.
Putting the Bite into Marketing

  1. Rossi's new book, Dog Eat Dog and Vice Versa: Nine Secrets to Put the Bite into Your Marketing addresses the fact that most traditional real estate marketing strategies no longer work.
  2. An item of particular interest is a schematic for spatial repetition that shows how to triple the number of names mailed to for the same cost and same strong results.
  3. Other content covers the urgency of getting some kind of marketing plan and how to write good copy (the fewer words the better).
  4. Rossi emphasizes that marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective, but it needs to be active rather than passive; agents need to go out and get clients, not sit back and wait.
  5. Yellow page ads and classified advertising in newspapers are not worth doing; newspapers themselves are migrating toward the Internet.
  6. The rule of thumb is to stop spending a dollar on marketing unless you are getting at least two dollars in return.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. is a good site for researching books.
  2. Google is useful in multiple ways; Rossi likes GoogleMaps and GoogleVideo, and he uses Google search ability to find information on agents.
  3. is a resource for monitoring real estate markets and what agents are doing with their individual sites.
  4. ExpressCopy is the online printing solutions company that Rossi uses for direct mail postcard marketing.
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