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"Convert On-line Prospects to Clients!"

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10/1/04 Interview with Jim Gillespie

Advanced Commercial Real Estate Coaching
41890 Enterprise Circle South. Suite 135
Temecula, CA 92590

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The Real Estate-Psychology Connection

  1. Gillespie noticed that in a large real estate office, everyone appeared to be continually busy, but only a handful rose to be superstars; he decided to study what differentiated them from everyone else.
  2. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) synthesizes the most effective approaches from gestalt therapy, family therapy and hypnotherapy; certain aspects apply to human interaction in sales and business situations.
Using NLP to Build Rapport

  1. Prospects need to feel a connection with you and want assurance that you share their judgment criteria and are trustworthy.
  2. Body language, tone of voice and word choice are elements that you can utilize and vary with individuals in a scientific way; when you become very good at NLP techniques, the influence you can have on people without compromising integrity is amazing.
  3. Creating relationships with buyers and sellers is critical in Internet marketing because so many consumers begin their search there and because online competition is stiff; differentiate yourself as an agent by directing your efforts to a target market.
  4. Instead of being a generalist online, present yourself as a specialist in first-time homebuyers, seniors, luxury homes in a particular suburb, or whatever your expertise is; you will attract the attention of consumers who fit the niche.
Online Applications of NLP

  1. Avoid blatantly promoting yourself on your web site; take a "stealthmarketing" approach like Rob Levy at; the site impresses visitors as a safe harbor to search for homes; Levy builds rapport and credibility through other approaches such as drip campaigns.
  2. To build credibility, post articles on your web site that you have written as tips for consumers; get your articles published in local newspapers or on other sites third-party validation boosts your standing as an expert.
  3. Real Estate CyberMagic customized with your name as author and the monthly CyberTips column with your photo are effective Society tools formaking your prospects comfortable by giving them great information; providing free value to people up front begins the bonding process.
Tips for Email and Face-to-Face

  1. People tend to process information by one of three different modes visual(seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic (feeling); the words clients useto describe their ideal property give you clues to their modality.
  2. In email messages to clients, take time to describe properties with adjectives that fit their preferred modality; as you gain skill in selecting words, apply the technique in face-to-face conversation.
  3. Mirroring the speed and tonality of someone's speech is also an effective way to communicate.
Tips for Web Sites

  1. To get opt-in responses for your email list, "pop-under" windows that appear as a visitor leaves are preferable to pop-up windows that appear immediately‚ÄĻbefore the visitor has a chance to form an opinion about you.
  2. The best pop-up location is the upper left-hand corner because that is the position that feeds through the neurology of the eyes to feelings of positive decisions; stay away from upper right, lower right and lower left.
  3. Use short video clips (30 seconds to 2 minutes) to present your free tips to visitors; showing yourself talking gives you a celebrity aura and establishes your familiarity with viewers.
Trends and Changes

  1. WIMAX is a wireless technology coming in the next two years that will revolutionize online communications from remote locations; clean signals can be sent for 28­30 miles with amazing speed.
  2. Search engine technology will evolve to accommodate a more business-oriented model of "spending for what you get" in search engine rankings (e.g. pay-per-click); the old model will remain because people like the free situation.
Where to Learn about NLP

  1. The book Unlimited Selling Power by Moine and Lloyd [referred to asHypnotic Selling in the discussion], addresses the use of language indifferent situations to produce an ideal response.
  2. For NLP training, Dr. Tad James at Advanced Neuro Dynamics is excellent; Gillespie includes NLP in his coaching.
  3. Online, go to the Advanced Neuro Dynamics web site.
  4. Joseph Sugarman has written books on effective copy writing for web sites and mailers: Triggers and Advertising Secrets of the Written Word; DanKennedy is another good author on this topic.
Favorite Web Resources

  1. For every form used in commercial real estate transactions, go to the AIRCommercial Real Estate Association site.
  2. For comprehensive and effective real estate tech tools, such as the EmailBroadcast Wizard, leads the way.
  3. Software to eliminate spyware and adware from your hard drive can befound at; the free program Ad-Aware and a free trial of SpySweeper are available there.
  4. For real estate news, go to and; sites geared to the commercial side are and
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(v) 951-694-6655

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