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"Jody Lane Interview 2000"

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6/2/00 Interview with Jody Lane

Realty Times
5949 Sherry Lane, Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75225

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Update on Agent News and Realty Times

  1. Intended originally as an agent-only publication, Agent News quickly evolved into a resource covering the full spectrum of real estate news, including consumer information.
  2. The news is divided into two categories-agent and consumer-with some stories crossing over; generally 8-12 stories a day are presented; 15,000-20,000 people visit the site per day.
  3. On the consumer side, topics include "how-to/where-to/why-to" issues, absorption rates, interest rates and pricing; on the agent side, topics cover professional issues and tips on making more money. 4. Private ownership of the company supports the publication's objectivity; the one-time partnership of the company with was dissolved to preserve Realty Times' independence; the company has turned profitable.
New Alliance with the Society

  1. Realty Times and the Real Estate Cyberspace Society have just announced a strategic alliance to deliver the Society's customizable, image-building newsletter, Real Estate Cyber Tips to Society members.
  2. The arrangement makes possible enhanced formatting to create an even better professional appearance than the earlier issues had.
  3. Jack Peckham's column will appear regularly in Agent News.
What Makes Real Estate Cyber Tips Effective

  1. The piece is designed so that individual agents can pass it on to their own consumers as though the agent created it.
  2. The customized newsletter reinforces the agent's status as a knowledgeable pro; Real Estate Cyber Tips uniquely projects a Cyber-savvy image.
  3. Receipt of the newsletter shows the consumer that the agent has gone to the trouble to become informed and to keep the consumer informed; that effort often makes the agent stand above the competition.
  4. Traditionally, a packaged newsletter has been costly to obtain and deliver, but Real Estate Cyber Tips can be obtained through the Society and delivered to your clients at absolutely no cost.
Features of Agent News

  1. This professional section of Realty Times takes an unbiased look at topics that aren't presented elsewhere and anticipates upcoming issues.
  2. Though the company works closely with NAR, it does not feel an obligation to protect NAR; Agent News has covered some highly controversial matters, such as the extent of listings on competing web sites.
  3. Personal issues (e.g., how to handle your best friend listing with somebody else) are explored.
  4. The closest thing to competition is NAR's Today's Realtor, but as a trade publication, that is limited in what it can say.
Motivating Realtors to Change with Technology

  1. Agents are concerned first with how to make more money and secondly with how to be more efficient. 2. Linking the Internet and technology and their effect on increasing business is what will convince more real estate professionals to become technically savvy.
Favorite Internet Tools

  1. Lane has customized a page for himself on My Yahoo!, which he checks several times a day; among other things, his page monitors stocks that interest him.
  2. For pleasure, he visits and eBay; eBay is a prime example of how the Internet has transformed the marketplace by giving buyers and sellers unprecedented access to one another; consumer orientation is the heart of the Internet revolution.
Plans for the Future

  1. Personally, Jody Lane expects to remain focused on Realty Times; through it, he can accomplish whatever he wants to do on the Net.
  2. The company is pursuing two major, real estate related opportunities in the dot-com world; all of their plans remain within the scope of real estate.
The Direction of the Industry

  1. A downward push on the commission structure is likely-expect to see more fee-based Realtors; despite the direct availability of information to consumers, Realtors will remain important in guiding consumers through the complicated real estate transaction.
  2. What the dot-com world offers the real estate market will probably not change dramatically, but services will become faster and better-e.g., video tours, neighborhood fly-bys.
Contact Information for Jody Lane:

(v) 214-353-6980
(f) 214-368-0699

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