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4/6/07 Interview with Joeann Fossland

Advantage Solutions Group
P.O. Box 133
Cortaro, AZ 85652

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Achieving Personal/Professional Balance

  1. Agents need to take charge of their business; those that are most successful and have the most balance in their lives understand the theory of abundance; one does not have to be all things to all people.
  2. Technology provides the tools to satisfy the 24/7 world without always being available personally; using the right systems and tools allows agents time off.
  3. Set boundaries; communicate to clients when and how you work and how to get in touch with you so that they have realistic expectations then they are not disappointed when you don't pick up their call immediately.
The Secret of Productivity

  1. "What we focus on expands" is a universal principal that explains why putting too much emphasis on any one deal creates tension and resistance; the right mindset is even more important for agents than what they do.
  2. Realizing that there is an abundance of deals allows an agent to lighten up; do your best, but if a deal falls through, just move on to the next opportunity.
  3. Successful agents are good at saying "no" to business that does not fit their geographic area or expertise; there is potentially a higher dollar-per-hour in referrals than in business done personally.
  4. The Society's free-to-members referral network (in Members Only) facilitates sharing leads across geographic areas and across specialties.
  5. Focusing on business you do well generates an easier flow; 20% of your time gives you 80% of your results, so avoid the busywork and stay on track with the 20% of work that is effective.
How Agents Can Differentiate Themselves

  1. Agents should eliminate what is mediocre and develop what fits their talents, interests, experience and sphere of influence; start by examining who you are, who knows you and what you are passionate about in the business; narrowing your business field enhances your productivity.
  2. Pitch your strengths to potential clients; instead of repeating the litany of agent tools, explain what you do better than anyone else; to identify what your strengths are, listen to feedback from clients-ask them what they think clicked in your relationship.
  3. Consumers have information, but they lack skill in negotiating and problem solving; show consumers that you can take care of parts of a deal that they cannot handle.
Strategy for Success

  1. Once agents know what they do best and whom they connect with best, they need to design a plan to find people in their target market; aim to get exposure in places that the target group frequents-e.g. rental properties for first-time homebuyers or on MySpace or YouTube for Generation-X.
  2. Getting chosen by a consumer flows from establishing trust; sharing the same venues is a good first step because that suggests common interests.
Blogging Benefits

  1. Social networking and connectivity via the Web are reflected in the dramatic increase in the use of blogs; Fossland was selected by Sellsius Real Estate as one of the Top 10 Women Bloggers in Real Estate in 2006.
  2. The Internet has graduated from Web 1.0 (focused on information) to Web 2.0 (focused on community and interaction); the Society keyed into this trend early by providing a way for real estate pros to connect; it is even in the forefront with its National Real Estate Industry Blog.
  3. Blogging allows agents to step away from static business web sites; the more relaxed communication of a blog encourages a response from people to be interactive with you-the first step in building a relationship.
  4. Every RE agent who wants to be in business 5-10 years from now must take into consideration the connectivity that consumers are looking for; consumers also look for agent ratings and property ratings-blogging platforms allow this kind of consumer interaction.
  5. Agents can start a blog about a certain neighborhood or their farm area or a type of property; the blog positions them as the expert and attracts consumers interested in their information; consumers are also drawn in to post information.
  6. A blog gives value with you at the center of the information flow.
Changes in the Consumer-Agent Relationship

  1. The advent of discount brokers in the last ten years has caused downward pressure on commissions; full-service agents who have done well have convinced consumers that they add value.
  2. A new trend is agents offering consumers a selection of consulting services at set fees; Mollie Wasserman's book Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate is directed at helping agents get paid for what they do on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  3. The consulting service approach ties into the productivity issue-agents focus on what they do best and get paid for it.
  4. Three models-flat-fee discount, consultant and commission-should all continue into the future, but consumers want the choice.
Necessary Tools for Agents

  1. An information-packed web site accessible to consumers 24/7 is important; lead generation and lead management tools should be built into the web platform to follow up on visitors with a drip campaign automatically; Fossland likes Point2 Agent web sites.
  2. Agents should put everybody into their automatic match on their MLS to receive new listings as soon as they are put in; the service is impressive to consumers but costs the agent nothing.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. David Allen's web site expands on his time management book, Getting Things Done.
  2. has good information on the Attraction Principle.
  3. is an agent-rating site; agents can register themselves and enter testimonials.
Contact Information for Joeann Fossland:

(v) 520-744-8731
(f) 775-254-3256

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Fossland's business site:
Book on fee for service: Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate by Mollie Wasserman
Point2 Agent:
David Allen's site:
Resource on the Attraction Principle: