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"Bob George Interviews Jack Peckham No.2"

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John M. Peckham III Photo
12/1/00 Interview with John M. Peckham III

Real Estate Cyberspace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2003
Boston, MA 02114

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The Direction of the Industry

  1. CyberSpace tools empower real estate professionals to do what they do best more efficiently; areas of impact include speed of communication, networking and access to information.
  2. The technology needs of RE pros fall logically into three key areas: 1) knowledge and support to develop technological skills; 2) a networking structure to improve business building; 3) easy-to-use tools for enhancing professional visibility and building business.
  3. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society enables members in all real estate-related specialties to leverage their basic skills and to network more powerfully.
Real Estate CyberSpace Society Excitement

  1. The Society is the fastest growing real estate organization in the world-over 3,000 professionals from 24 countries have joined; it is organized into 80+ Chapters worldwide plus 14 Specialty Sections.
  2. The Society is dedicated to continually developing new tools and services and to delivering them to Society members without additional cost.
  3. Membership is diverse, including Residential and Commercial plus numerous RE services such as appraisers, property managers, mortgage professionals and auctioneers.
  4. The Society does not overlap what other RE organizations do; it provides strategies for empowering the basics of any specialty to work more effectively and profitably in CyberSpace.
Range of Tools and Services

  1. The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert, which consists of a tape plus newsletter, is delivered to all members bi-monthly.
  2. The Listserver provides the ability to communicate with all members or groups of members in one push of a button.
  3. The BlackBook Cyberdisk with its RE Web Navigator saves members time in traveling the Web.
  4. The DealMaking Wizard aids in structuring a marketing plan in CyberSpace.
  5. The Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist (RECS) designation certifies members as professionals competent with web technology.
  6. The CyberTips E-letter is an easy-to-customize perk to share with contacts.
Survey Results: Favorites for Residential Realtors

  1. Residential Specialists especially like the convenience of listening in their car to the audiotape briefings knowing the print summary of each absolves them from note taking.
  2. They get good mileage from the professionally prepared newsletter, "Real Estate Cyber Tips" that they can send online to clients and centers of influence and add to their web sites.
  3. They appreciate the business exposure from their free personal web site, which shares many of the same powerful features of
  4. They also benefit from the recognition that comes from the RECS designation.
Survey Results: Favorites for Commercial Realtors

  1. Besides the web site, Alert briefings and the custom Cyber-Tips e-letter, Commercial Specialists praise the Society's C&I Listserver, which gets their messages out to all C&I online Society members with one click.
  2. They appreciate the DealMaking Wizard disk that lays out a complete marketing plan for either investment property or user/leasing properties.
  3. Residential members have their own Listserver for networking plus a separate program on the Wizard disk for image building.
Unique Support for Members-the Guru Help Line

  1. 40 member volunteers field questions members direct to them in their field of expertise; available to members online and by phone through the "Members Only Section" at, the Guru Help Line exemplifies the sense or community within the Society.
  2. Among the 40+ help topics covered are: AOL, Planease, Digital Cameras, Listservers, Mapping, ACT!, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, MS Word, Net Mailer, Real Estate Assistant and Top Producer.
Image-Building Tools

  1. The Society, with Realty Times, delivers "Real Estate Cyber Tips," based on Jack Reckham's monthly column; after customizing one time, members receive each issue with a link to distribute it to their own list.
  2. The contrast of the time-effective, no-cost e-newsletter with expensive, traditional style bulk-newsletters in print highlights the high-tech advantages of belonging to the Society.
  3. The new full-featured member web sites are a blockbuster service of the Society-no set-up or hosting fees; whether members use their site as a primary or feeder site, it is easy to customize; free with membership, the equivalent cost would be $500-$1,000 plus $15-$50 per month.
  4. The Society's RECS designation identifies holders as being capable of using the Internet to help clients achieve their goals; with over 1,000 designees, the RECS is gaining widespread industry and public recognition.
  5. The Public Search function at allows people looking for a real estate pro well versed in cyber techniques to find Society members in all 50 states and in 24 countries; RE CyberSearch also allows members to network in or out of CyberSpace.
How the Society Helps Members Keep Up

  1. The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert audiotapes and print summaries are a key tool for members to remain abreast of the latest technology developments plus what is new with Society services.
  2. A series of guides at help members understand each service and to pick what is most useful; a tool or service that is not appropriate initially, may solve a real estate business problem later on.
  3. The Society maintains a balance between online and traditional delivery of services, including use of floppy disks, audiotapes and printed material; many services are multi-formated so that members can benefit from the convenience and reinforcement of accessing them in more than one way.
  4. The 80+ Society Chapters complement local and state Associations of Realtors and NAR specialty groups; they give members solid local ground for networking and learning face-to-face with other members.
  5. The Society maintains the same touch-and-feel priority that remains important in doing real estate business.
RECS Designation Course Compared to e-PRO

  1. Since 1996, the Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist education and designation program has pioneered awareness of the need for technology skills in the industry; the NAR's e-PRO online program is a welcome new addition for furthering this awareness.
  2. The RECS designation program, "Selling in CyberSpace" can be distinguished from e-PRO and other online programs by its emphasis on human interaction.
  3. The course is delivered live in a classroom by well-trained instructors who ease students online with practical applications; expert follow-up after the classroom ensures a high degree of success.
  4. The Society's "AFTERCARE" program encompasses the full range of member benefits, including audiotape briefings, newsletters, listservers, the Member Help Line, CyberSpace Radio, the BlackBook 2000 Disk, the DealMaking Wizard Disk, Society Chapters, the "CyberTips" customizable newsletter and the Member Press Release Service.
  5. AFTERCARE gives members a continuing competitive edge.
  6. e-PRO materials should be supportive of the Society's mission and a good adjunct to the RECS live designation seminar.
  7. Inner Circle Education (RealtyU), with 30 real estate schools across the US and Canada, delivers the Society's designation course; every attendee benefits from the course itself plus the continuing AFTERCARE support of Society membership without additional cost.
The Future of the Industry

CyberSpace tools will enhance the personal touch of doing real estate business by empowering practitioners to communicate more effectively; the Society is dedicated to providing members with the tools to prosper by staying way ahead of the competition.

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