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"How Anyone Can Sell Income Property On-line"

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2/2/07 Interview with John M. Peckham III

Real Estate Cyberspace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2003
Boston, MA 02114

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Jack's Book Revision

  1. The new edition of Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage is an updated guidebook for marketing such listings as apartment and office buildings, shopping centers and other properties that involve a flow of income and expenses.
  2. The content is appropriate as a training manual for commercial and investment brokers but also as a primer for other specialists who want to cross over; the book covers the basics of income properties.
Advice for Residential Agents

  1. Residential agents who want to change focus should not abandon the residential side all at once; investment property sales tend to take longer than house sales.
  2. Jack's suggestion is to absorb information from the book, ease into the business, and then "go for it" once you have a feel for the investment property arena.
Ways to Find Property Owners Who Will Sell

  1. Don't overlook elementary ways such as reading newspapers, local trade journals and financial reporting papers; join local associations of apartment house owners to network with potential clients.
  2. Familiarize yourself with lists of owners such as tax rolls; watch for FSBO notices and be able to show owners how you can help them.
The Beauty of the Business

  1. There is no start-up cost to make money selling income properties; you begin with a list of properties and a list of potential buyers; success lies in matching them up.
  2. Technology has provided effective ways that did not exist even a few years ago to put buyers and sellers together.
Making the Most of Technology

  1. Each chapter of the book covers updated basic information with detail at the end on using the Internet to accomplish the chapter goals; Chapter 14 concentrates on Internet and email tools from the Society's "Sell Like a Giant" seminar-including all of the forms, checklists and sample email messages.
  2. The power of the Internet has transformed how agents are able to work with listings and potential buyers; better information can be disseminated more quickly, more cheaply and to more recipients than ever before.
  3. The exercise of promoting an actual listing from a seminar attendee at the beginning of a session demonstrates the effectiveness of Internet connections; within three or four hours, 40-50 buyers or buyer reps respond.
  4. Listserves (aka listservers) are lists maintained by others that group contacts interested in a certain type of property; an email message can be tailored to a list so that a single message can be disseminated to several thousand recipients who are all interested in its content.
The Society's Email Broadcast Wizard

  1. This tool available to Society members at no extra charge facilitates sending targeted email messages to listserves.
  2. Both Peckham and Gillespie cite examples of properties that sold promptly at high values through this tool, including listings that had been sitting.
  3. The Email Broadcast Wizard includes the 55 real-estate-related lists that contain the most names, narrowed from about 4,000 such lists that exist.
  4. The wizard describes the nature of each listserve and how many names are in each; members may subscribe without cost to as many of the lists as they wish by simply clicking a box.
  5. The Send portion of the Wizard allows members to type in a message and send it out to all of their selected listserves (which could total more than 50,000 recipients) at no charge.
  6. Such mass distribution of a single message represents tremendous leverage; this is "in your face" marketing that reaches the right people for a particular listing.
  7. Using listserves is not spamming because contacts on the list have requested to receive information by signing up (opting in).
  8. The system can be used to find both buyers and sellers; e.g., by listserve, Peckham discovered properties for buyers who wanted three replacement hotels in New England for property in Hawaii; the purchase was completed in 90 days. as a Resource

  1. has a wealth of technology information and tools for real estate pros; even many Society members do not realize all that is there.
  2. Real Buyer Direct is another tool on the site geared to help members find buyers; members can go to the program at any time and get five buyers for any kind of property; for a modest annual fee of $45, members can have unlimited access to leads.
  3. Another feature of Real Buyer Direct allows members to send one email to everyone that matches for the property description.
Favorite Current Places on the Web

  1. Gillespie's is a good source for real estate training.
  2. provides information about whether and when messages you send are read, to whom they are forwarded and more.
  3. (formerly is a resource for searching people's birthday and year by typing in their name and location information.
  4. Peckham researches four new sites for the Real Estate CyberTips newsletter every month.
Where the Commercial Industry Is Headed

  1. Technology will continue to advance; everything is evolving to be very small and very fast.
  2. Commercial brokerage is marching toward the ability to coordinate sales completely and be the center of transaction activity.
  3. Much less money will be required to do commercial marketing because of technology.
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