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"He Can Run Circles Around You–and He’s Blind!"

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Joseph Klatt Photo
7/2/10 Interview with Joseph Klatt

Klatt Realty Inc.
1124 Wall Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Keys to Business Success

  1. Although at a disadvantage in being blind, Dr. Klatt surpasses much of his business competition; Klatt aims to work hard and to work smart.
  2. He attributes his success to diligence - "I get up, suit up and show up every day."
  3. Listening carefully to people is something that he must do that other agents sometimes overlook; not only what people say but how they say it reveals what they really mean.
  4. The deal closure rate for Klatt Realty is 99%, compared to 50% for other companies in his area; the difference is due to Klatt's attention to the detail of every transaction.
Boosting Website Traffic

  1. There is no guarantee for being right at the top of the search engine list all the time, but effective search engine optimization can keep your web site close to the top.
  2. For search engine optimization, Klatt relies on Design SEO Hosting, LLC, run by Amanda Shaner and Damian Cutillo.
Electronic Signatures

  1. Klatt considers his use of electronic signatures to be a competitive advantage that shows his company on the cutting edge of technology.
  2. The service makes it easier for clients to consummate a transaction; electronic signatures are now approved for FHA loans.
  3. Electronic signatures save the time and cost of using a notary ($10 per signature in CA); DocUSign, the service Klatt uses, costs about $20 per month.
  4. To stay within everyone's comfort zone, Klatt gives clients the choice of signing electronically or traditionally.
  5. DocUSign has entered into an allicance with the National Association of REALTORS®.
Using Email

  1. Klatt uses email more for communication than for marketing; his email marketing function is outsourced.
  2. is better at making those email marketing touches; the service connects Klatt not only with clients and potential clients directly but also with organizations that may generate leads.
  3. Because Klatt is also a professional mediator, he stays in communication with ADR San Diego (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and the California Dispute Resolution Council.
  4. These groups receive notices of good listings and announcements of spectacular deals.
Social Networking

  1. An agent on the Klatt Realty roster is in charge of keeping up with social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. This avenue of outreach to people has taken time to generate a reasonable return for the time spent on it; now, revenue from this source is accelerating to more than a reasonable rate of return for time.
Technology to Assist the Blind

  1. Klatt's computer system is "keyboard in and sound out" - text to speech.
  2. A synthetic voice announces each key as it is typed, but in playing back, the system reads in word clusters.
Favorite Resources on the Web

  1. GoogleWave offers cutting-edge storage of data by way of cloud computing; data is kept secure on the Internet where it is available for groups of people to use; the service is free.
  2. is the largest Internet-based mediation library; three of Klatt's articles that appear there have been combined and expanded into his book on negotiations.
Book on Negotiation

  1. Klatt is a Harvard-Law-School trained master mediator.
  2. His book, Dealmaker: Lessons from the Blind Negotiation Master, explains a wide range of negotiations without a lot of technical jargon.
  3. It is easier to remember important principles when they are illustrated with stories, and that is what this book does.
  4. The book is available from the publisher,, and major booksellers.
Advice for Novice RE Professionals

  1. Show up every day and work hard; always treat people with respect; listen to what they say.
  2. Remember that you don't always know who you are talking to; sometimes unlikely people turn out to be serious customers.
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(f) 858-454-7288

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