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"Dollars from Lead Management!"

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Judi Wolfson Photo
2/7/03 Interview with Judi Wolfson

RE/MAX Associates
210 Toll Drive
Southampton, PA 18966

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Expanded Business and Pleasure Over Four Years

  1. Judi's goal four years ago was to spend 30-days a year in Florida while continuing to do her Internet real estate business; she has exceeded that to be spending 60 days in Florida.
  2. Also, she has purchased a home to enjoy at the Jersey shore and has developed a second business area in New Jersey, separate from her Pennsylvania office.
  3. Technology is what enables her to accomplish these additional challenges; she built her New Jersey business from scratch in a year, mainly from an Internet site created from a template.
  4. The HouseHunt template site is the best (of three web sites Wolfson uses) for lead generation, averaging six leads a day; HouseHunt gets excellent search engine placement for local housing inquiries and passes the contacts through to Wolfson.
Transaction Management

  1. Wolfson operates in NJ without the full staff she has in PA because she uses the online transaction services of, which posts all necessary documents online where everyone involved can view them, for example, mortgage approval, inspection report, sales agreement, etc.
  2. The cost for SettlementRoom runs about $30 per transaction; bulk rates are available.
Following Up on Leads

  1. Wolfson enters names on her system to keep in touch with people who are not yet ready to buy; the service is looking for a sponsor but is currently free to agents who request it.
  2. Through, prospects receive twelve emails about special reports that are available; when prospects click on any report, the agent is alerted to their interest; the prospect sees the agent's photo and contact information along with the report.
Remaining Competitive as an Agent

1. Wolfson now focuses her business geographically ‹she seeks leads concentrated exclusively on the two areas she services. 2. Aggressive follow-up is important for converting leads into clients; the second follow-up system
  1. Wolfson uses is SOAR eMLS, which automatically sends your registered leads information on homes that match their criteria.
  2. SOAR is independent of IDX rules and regulations, so it includes listings that are not in the IDX system, IDX is the NAR Internet data exchange, which some brokers (75% of those in NJ) have opted not to participate in.
Sorting Out the Good Leads

  1. If a lead gives a phone number, try calling them ‹often the number is fake, a bad sign; however, if the search criteria seem reasonable, attempting email contact may be worthwhile.
  2. Wolfson does not send out a listing address unless she has established phone contact with the lead.
Keeping Up with Bells and Whistles

  1. When she is not selling houses, Wolfson spends considerable time on the computer, attending seminars and reading industry newsletters to glean ideas for improving her site and her seminars; she explores suggestions on her own to determine their worth.
  2. A popular feature on Wolfson's site offers free downloads of software to homeowners and buyers; the service from Ad-Soft involves a one-time purchase of the software and a one-time fee to have it online.
  3. Three sets of software programs are offered: Home Inventory, Health & Immunization Records and Pet Care Records; by requiring registration to get the programs, Wolfson captures lead information.
  4. Resources for autoresponders include eZfollowup, InterSend and HouseHunt; the HouseHunt offerings have beautiful graphics on postcards, flyers and faxes that cover all the holidays.
  5. MapQuest and MapBlast are very useful to determine properties within a desired driving distance.
Balancing Relaxation and Business

  1. When she is at the beach, Wolfson begins her day on the Internet checking email; answering email, doing searches for people and putting them on follow-up systems may take three to five hours.
  2. The rest of the day is free for her enjoyment.
Dealing with the Future

  1. The biggest challenge faces brokers and owners of real estate offices as many seasoned agents approach retirement; real estate companies need to attract and retain younger, technically progressive agents.
  2. A new free product called The Virtual Leader, based on Wolfson's seminars, is geared to helping brokers project a technically savvy image; the service consists of a series of lessons about Internet marketing to be sent to new recruits.
  3. In follow up with agents, brokers should encourage taking courses such as the RECS training or e-PRO course.
  4. Discounts are available to Society members from the following vendors if you mention this Judi Wolfson interview: HouseHunt, SettlementRoom (call Celesteat 877-914-1900, x 29), SOAReMLS (only at Ad-Soft.
Contact Information for Judi Wolfson:

(v) 215-817-2811
(f) 215-441-5045

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Her primary business site
$100 discount for SOAReMLS
Sites to determine driving distances
The Virtual Leader