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"Tools for Maximizing Your Internet Advantage!"

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Judi Wolfson Photo
12/4/98 Interview with Judi Wolfson

RE/MAX Associates
210 Toll Drive
Southampton, PA 18966

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Doing Business on the Internet

  1. Judi derives 60%-70% of her residential sales business from the Internet, yet she spends less than half of her marketing budget on Internet marketing.
  2. 2 To cut required computer time, consider setting up an automatic email response and automatically entering web site visitors into a database to receive email messages.
  3. Internet marketing requires more than passively having your listings posted with an Internet Real Estate listing service; tips for good Internet marketing can be applied to all Real Estate specialties.
Web Caller ID

  1. Use a Caller ID program on your web site to capture contacts from your site even if they don't leave email messages; the one-time charge for the service is $198 per web site.
  2. Visitors whose browsers have a security system will see a pop-up window asking permission to record their name and email address - but the site loads even if a visitor refuses to leave his ID.
  3. Visitors with no security system will not know their information is recorded; you receive an email message giving their name, email address, browser they used and previous destination (if any).
Auto Responder

  1. Wolfson is developing reports for consumers such as: "What Builders Hope Buyers Never Ask," "Ten Things To Do Before Making Mortgage Application" and "What Sellers Should Never Say To Buyers;" each report ends with a reference to Wolfson's Real Estate business.
  2. An automatic system (set up by a technician) will distribute these on a regular basis - e.g., one every ten days - to the database created by web caller ID.
Service Philosophy Towards the Web

  1. The Internet and the Web were never meant to be advertising bill boards; they are highways to transport information to consumers, which is what an effective web site does.
  2. Realtors can incorporate Mortgage 101 into their own pages so that visitors can access articles about the mortgage process and see current rates for a variety of lenders. [See Alert #9810, 10/2/98.]
  3. Mortgage 101 assists Realtors by providing effective content for their page and by saving them from having to research daily rates personally.
  4. Other practical tools that enhance a Real Estate page are relocation tools such as a salary calculator, insurance wizard (for home owner's and auto insurance rates) and moving cost calculators - all available from the company Home Fair.
  5. Both Home Fair and a site for school reports allow Realtors to purchase linking rights for their area.

  1. RESICOM is a resource for bringing business to your Real Estate site and to generate leads; the company's reports give property appreciation statistics and projections.
  2. If you subscribe, visitors to your site can click on a RESICOM banner and print a report for a specific property, a ZIP code or a county directly on their own printer.
  3. RESICOM notifies you of the name and phone number of the visitor requesting a report, giving the area and price range of their interest; you can then impress the prospect by initiating contact.
"Free Gift" Software

  1. Offering people a family-centered service(s) is a way to say "thank you" for visiting your web site; three software programs are available from Ad-Soft: a home inventory, health and immunization record and pet care record.
  2. The software can be sent to people on diskettes or downloaded directly from a Realtor's site; Wolfson is arranging with her webmaster to notify her of the email address of anyone utilizing the free gift.
  3. Cost per program is $130 for a master copy - which licenses you to make unlimited copies; authorization to allow downloading is an additional $25 per program.
  4. Two screens appear on the program at the point where the user is prompted to hit "continue;" those screens can be customized with the Realtor's promotional information.
Marketing with a Newsletter

  1. Wolfson uses a non-threatening, non-selling monthly newsletter in two important ways: to keep her web site updated; to keep in touch with her cumulative database via email each month.
  2. Her resource for the newsletter is e.News - Sandy Teller charges $500 for the first year and $450 per year thereafter.
Places to Establish Links to Your Site

  1. Best Image Marketing is semi-exclusive - it limits its contacts to four agents per area; cost depends on size of the area but runs about $1,000 per year.
  2. Nationwide Homes Network, known as Relocate America, allows one agent per town; cost ranges from about $200-$500 per year.
  3. Home Owners Finance Center also allows one agent per town; cost is $100/300,000 in population per year ($100 minimum).
  4. Mention Judi Wolfson's name to Best Image Marketing and Nationwide Home Network to receive a discount.
Places to Use for Posting Listings

  1. Home Scout allows consumers to select a radius of where they want to live and displays all the listings within that radius.
  2. Worldwide Real Estate Network (WREN) will post listings free and set up a home page for you for only $15 per month; mention Judi Wolfson's name for special deals.
  3. Web Works will put your listings up for ninety days.
  4. The charge at these sites to submit a photo with your listing is $5.
Wolfson's Business Future on the Internet

  1. She expects all her business to come from the web in the foreseeable future; 80%-90% of her buyer leads already do; use of the Internet is an edge in obtaining sales listings.
  2. She finds listing agents via the Internet for many of her out-of-town buyers.
  3. Use of the Internet will allow her to conduct more and more business from remote "resort" locations; she can generate leads anywhere and allow partners to handle the hometown details.
Judi Wolfson has offered a special discount on her Internet seminars to Society members, who may contact her directly for details.

Contact Information for Judi Wolfson:

(v) 215-817-2811
(f) 215-441-5045

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

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Home Fair Relocation Tools
School Reports
Follow-up Reports
"Free Gift" software
[@$30 discount]
Best Image Marketing
Nationwide Homes Network/Relocate America
Home Owners Finance Center
Home Scout
Worldwide Real Estate Network
Web Works