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"Judy McCutchin Interview 1999"

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Judy McCutchin Photo
6/4/99 Interview with Judy McCutchin

Re/Max Premier
15150 Preston Rd., Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75248

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Everyday Uses of Technolgy

  1. McCutchin has a network of ten computer systems in her home office that keep her highly systematized.
  2. GoldMine is her software choice for database management; several desktop publishing programs are also used regularly.
  3. Her 2-way Motorola pager forwards email messages and allows her to keep in touch with in-office staff even during outside meetings.
  4. Internet connectivity makes her available 24 hours a day; Internet updates are done right from her office.
The Dog

  1. McCutchin has branded her website with a Great Dane, Chester B. (Barker) Chatsworth, who serves as "spokesdog" for her business and as the Dallas information center of the web page.
  2. The origin of his use in her advertising was a series of cards she sent to clients; greeting card style photos of the dog were used with captions aimed at people buying or selling homes.
  3. The cards were so successful that she decided to expand use of the dog to the Internet as a marketing tool.
  4. The Chester B. Chatsworth by-line is used for articles and stories of general interest and for hot topics that are submitted to the search engines; the strategy is a successful way to generate hits on the website.
How the Web Page Has Enhanced Business

  1. Last year, McCutcheon did $11 million in Internet sales, 33% of her total production.
  2. The Internet has allowed her to reach a global market and given her an edge in getting relocation leads over agents that don't use the Internet.
Music on the Web Page

  1. McCutchin's page automatically plays music via an imbedded midi file without the viewer having to download special software; the viewer has the option of turning the music off.
  2. Using music is an easy way to bring a page to life.
Tips for Your Technology Transition

  1. Get started now! Hire a technical person and establish good communication with that person so he or she will understand what you want to accomplish with your site and will set it up so all you have to do is point and click a mouse.
  2. Allow your imagination to run free on how technology can help you be more productive.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. Real Estate sites to visit regularly include Inman News, Real Times, Michael Russer's People-Centric, Allen Hainge's AFH Seminars and
  2. Yahoo! is good to use for listings. 3. Real Talk is a good site to keep in touch with Residential sales forums.
Using Technology with a Personal Touch

  1. The more automated your business, the more time you have to spend with your clients, plus technology can be used to create a "warm, fuzzy feeling."
  2. Having a digital camera (e.g., Sony Mavica) handy allows you to take photos of a house a client loves so that you can give the client a disk of pictures to take home or send a picture by email later.
  3. Intel's Create & Share program can be used to make postcards from your photos to send with a personal follow-up note; the software can also be used for video conferencing via a small camera mounted on your computer.
  4. Animated greeting cards can be sent with personal messages, for example to break the ice with relocation clients you haven't met yet; KMMC is a long-time favorite.
  5. E Fax is a convenient Internet service that will forward fax transmissions to you anywhere by converting them to email attachments; file sizes are smaller than J-Fax and the service is free.
The Advantages of GoldMine

  1. McCutchin appreciates the networking capability with this software.
  2. Another benefit for travel is the ability to pull her entire database onto her laptop for use on her trip and then update her office files by network or by modem.
  3. The Toshiba Libretto, a 2-lb sub-notebook computer, works well for traveling.
  4. GoldMine also allows the entire email history of a client to be tracked within the program.
The Changes Ahead

The Real Estate industry will inevitably continue to change as more information becomes directly available to consumers, but the Realtors who are very good at what they do will prosper and flourish because personal contact will still be necessary to close sales.

Contact Information for Judy McCutchin:

(v) 972-931-9903
(f) 972-931-8590

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

GoldMine database manager:

Recommended tools:
Motorola Pagewriter 2000;
Sony Digital Mavica camera;
Toshiba Libretto notebook

Sites for Real Estate news:

Yahoo! Real Estate Classifieds
Residential sales forum
Intel's Create & Share
KMCC Greeting Cards