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10/3/08 Interview with Judy McCutchin

Re/Max Premier
15150 Preston Rd., Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75248

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Formula for Success
  1. The key to remaining successful through all market cycles is to take advantage of both smart technology strategies and smart people strategies to differentiate yourself from other agents; show yourself to be a real person.
  2. Creating good systems is essential—use automation, delegation and business planning; stay on top of new technology.
  3. Part of differentiating yourself is to let your personality shine through; outdo your competition in terms of response time to Internet-empowered consumers and quality of service.

Systems for Doing Real Estate
  1. A good contact management system, such as Top Producer, is paramount; McCutchin has used a highly customized version of Lotus Notes and is experimenting with Microsoft CRM.
  2. Agents need to stay mobile and yet in-touch; McCuthin is able to take off several months a year without losing commissions; she relies on a tablet PC, a digital camera and smartphone technology.
  3. The VREO Real Estate Dashboard® is a must-have time-saver; this downloadable software makes it possible to import contracts, get them signed immediately and to fax or email them right off to the sellers’ agents.

Tips for Quick Response
  1. If an immediate reply is called for, McCutchin sends an email from her BlackBerry®; new smartphones are offering great tools—she can send push-email from her BlackBerry in an instant to respond to someone who fills out a form on her web site.
  2. If she is tied up at a meeting, a virtual assistant replies to voicemail for her.
  3. Use of mobile property sites has been an effective and cost-saving substitute for brochure boxes; McCutchin provides detail electronically on a property in answer to a text-message or 800# inquiry—photos are sent right to a prospect’s phone.

How to Gain the Benefits of Technology
  1. The more automated her business, the more time McCutchin has to spend with clients; technology can be used to create a "warm, fuzzy feeling."
  2. RE pros should take time to inventory every step they take in doing business; then they can begin to systematize and automate some of those steps; the more successful agents are with this process, the more time they will free up to spend face-to-face with people.

Keeping Up with Information
  1. Educational tools bring agents new ideas—the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is the premier resource for this purpose; e.g., the quarterly Real Estae CyberSpace Alert newsletter and a plethora of innovative tools and services at
  2. The Society’s National Cyber Convention, with speakers and an Expo, is fabulous; besides the weeklong annual event each February, seasonal sessions are posted most of the year.
  3. Use RSS feeds from RISMedia, Realtor Magazine and Realtor Times; access guru sites such as OnlineDominance (Michael Russer), (Allen Hainge) and (Jim Gillespie).

Smart Business Planning
  1. Without a business plan, RE professionals react without considering possible consequences; each November, McCutchin begins planning for the upcoming year; her detailed plans (running 100 pages) keep her on track, especially during busy times.
  2. By employing technology and a team of virtual assistants (VAs), McCutchin can maintain her productivity despite traveling several months a year; most people never realize when she is away.
  3. She has used a combination of in-house and remote VAs; real-estate trained assistants are available through online resources such as REVA Network and Team Double-Click.
  4. It is hard to find all the qualities you need in one person, so building a VA team makes sense; with VAs, you pay them as you use them; one VA can act as team coordinator to save you from spending too much time with the VAs.

Building Business
  1. McCutchin’s team captain activates follow-up with clients immediately after closings; one button updates team calendars and activates a five-year series of cards, letters, phone calls and gifts—everything is automated.
  2. Most buyers come from past clients, referrals and the web site; buyers from online are also put into an automated program; one VA specializes in qualifying leads and alerting McCuthchin to the need to follow up.

Advice for Embracing Technology
  1. Stay educated! Society services and its Cyber Convention are the most effective means.
  2. Learn to love change because it is inevitable.

Favorite Spots on the Web
  1. RealPro, Constant Contact and Swiftpage offer excellent email systems.
  2. DaveBeson’s LetterWriter Series offer systemized letters.
  3. Expresscopy and are good resources for direct mail—the latter can send out cards in your handwriting; enclosing gift cards (American Express, Blockbuster, Home Depot, etc.) is a nice touch.
  4. A additional resources for keeping abreast are InmanNews and technology blogs.
  5. Perusing the Microsoft site will keep you up to date on what Microsoft is doing.

Contact Information for Judy McCutchin:

(v) 972-931-9903
(f) 972-931-8590

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

McCutchin’s web site:
Contact management systems: Top Producer IBM LotusNotes (customized) Microsoft CRM
VREO Real Estate Dashboard®:
Real Estate CyberSpace Society: Real Estate CyberSpace Alert and tools at
RE news sties:
Michael Russer:
Allen Hainge:
Jim Gillespie:
Virtual assistant sources:
National RE Cyber Convention & Expo:
Email systems:
LetterWriter Series:
Direct mail resources: