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12/2/05 Interview with Judy McCutchin

Re/Max Premier
15150 Preston Rd., Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75248

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Her Real Estate Business Organization

  1. McCutchin organizes her business around a team of six assistants who support her personal sales efforts; the team manager is a full-time, in-house person whose job is to keep everyone coordinated.
  2. Five other virtual assistants are strung out across the country, the creative director handles advertising; the marketing coordinator keeps the web site up to date; the e-marketing specialist handles electronic contacts; two leads managers work the leads on the web site.
  3. Once a week, the team meets virtually, using a variety of collaboration software, a favorite is WebTrain; everyone gets on the phone with a webcam; goals for the coming and past weeks are discussed; the team manager makes sure that the team stays on track for its goals.
  4. The e-marketing specialist does a lot of personalized marketing, targeting specific neighborhoods and past clients; she also markets new listings to an agent database; some of the specifics she sends include newsletters and postcards.
McCutchin's Role

  1. McCutchin does all the sales work herself because she has not had good luck in working with buyer assistants; however, a few agents in her Re/Max office show houses for her for a small hourly fee.
  2. Because of the support of her staff, McCutchin is able to travel three to four months a year; McCutchin stays in touch by way of her laptop.
  3. The only three tasks that McCutchin does are listing presentations, taking buyers around and negotiating contracts; she can do listing presentations virtually and has sold many homes while she is out of town, not seeing the seller until closing.
Team Motivation

  1. The weekly meetings and seeing one another on the webcam help to make the team cohesive; the meetings are tightly structured with an agenda; the webcams are a simple, low-cost tool; each person also has a microphone and speakers on her computer.
  2. Yearly retreats give the team members a chance to know one another personally; some work is accomplished, but the emphasis is on fun.
  3. For the weekly meetings, everyone dials into WebTrain; every person has the ability to display anything on her computer to everyone else.
Favorite Tools

  1. Her GPS system saves her from her terrible sense of direction and allows her to take buyers to places she is not familiar with.
  2. The single tool she could not do without is her highly portable, lightweight, tablet PC; the kind she has is a slate, a small monitor with all the electronics built into it; it is large enough to use as a laptop.
  3. A bonus with the tablet PC is that she can write on it in handwriting with a special pen; voice recognition lets her record even while driving; a Verizon card allows her to always be online.
  4. The tablet PC is a WOW factor for clients; whereas laptops can be awkward to set up and use for listings, the tablet can be held in the hand and easily shown; clients are not used to seeing a tablet PC from other agents.
The Tablet as a Productivity Booster

  1. Numerous productivity software packages are available for the tablet; e.g., Sticky Notes allows you to handwrite a note and keep it visible.
  2. Microsoft OneNote works on any PC but is especially good for a tablet; use it to capture, organize and reuse notes; it is a powerful tool for accessing information entered in handwriting or text.
  3. The Real Estate Dashboard allows documents to be filled out and signed right on the tablet screen; a contract can be submitted within minutes; the software can send any PDF file more quickly and easily than by email.
Maintaining the Personal Touch

  1. McCutchin finds rapport easier to establish with Internet-empowered consumers than with consumers she just meets and takes out because the online connection is a long courtship that gets them ready to buy.
  2. Working with someone online first builds trust; confidence grows as consumers see how McCutchin works.
  3. McCutchin does a strong pre-listing presentation that begins to close clients even before they meet her; the presentation can be emailed or hand delivered (rarely necessary).
  4. It asks clients to have certain things ready (keys, mortgage information and a completed survey), and it introduces the team and how it works.
  5. McCutchin's strong listing presentation is left with clients in a bound leather book embossed with her logo; people have a hard time saying no.
  6. Knowing facts and reciting statistics are important for a listing presentation.
Favorite Tools and Web Sites

  1. McCutchin has worked with a programmer to customize Lotus Notes for synchronizing and monitoring team efforts; now an easier solution is
  2. E-Lance is a resource to find people from around the world for many kinds of projects.
  3. Mangomind continues to be useful for sharing folders and files; FolderShare is a newer service that does the same thing.
  4. McCutchin uses the Society's CyberSpace Alert to help her stay abreast of what technology is new and useful; she also finds the Society's annual online convention to be a remarkable resource.
Advice for Newcomers to Real Estate

  1. Find a top-producer to shadow and see how that professional does things.
  2. Seize every opportunity to expand your learning; attend seminars, listen to industry gurus, get as much education and experience as possible.
Contact Information for Judy McCutchin:

(v) 972-931-9903
(f) 972-931-8590

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Judy McCutchin's web site:
Team tools: computer, webcam, microphone, speakers
Favorite tech tools: GPS system; tablet PC
Real Estate Dashboard:
Team synchronization tools: Lotus Notes (customized)
Online collaboration tools: