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"Trump Apprentice Winner Speaks Out!"

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10/6/06 Interview with Kendra Todd

My House Real Estate, Inc.
3138 North Oasis Drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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The Focus of My House Real Estate

  1. The company provides education, useful information and real estate opportunities to second-home buyers, empty nesters interested in purchasing a retirement home and investors.
  2. Because My House has thousands of members, Todd is able to negotiate special terms, conditions and unique incentives for her clients with real estate opportunities across the country.
  3. My House VIP investors are a special group of pre-qualified people who get first exposure to certain information and projects.
  4. Todd does numerous tele-seminars and travels the country giving RE workshops; My House participates as an exhibitor at major conventions and other venues.
  5. The company has developed a good reputation and a strong referral system.
RE Entrepreneur

  1. Todd changed the direction of her career after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which altered her perspective on money.
  2. Real estate is a lifestyle for her, not just a career; she is a RE investor first and would be doing the research she shares with others anyway; she put her processes on paper to create a system and a model to benefit others.
The Apprentice Experience

  1. Todd cites her respect for and ability to get along with the other players as central to her win; she recognized the talents and interests of teammates and gave them responsibilities that they excelled at and enjoyed.
  2. On every task, she implemented creative, "outside-the-box" marketing strategies based on targeted market surveys and studies.
  3. The year working for Donald Trump has been an enriching experience; Todd is overseeing the renovation and sale of the most expensive home in America (a $125 million oceanfront mansion on Palm Beach Island, Fla.).
  4. She has gained a national platform for her positive message-the importance of getting financial intelligence, taking control of your financial future and overcoming fear of risk in order to make your dream a reality.
Todd's New Book

  1. Risk and Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate is 80% encouragement, fundamentals and simple principles for overcoming the fear of risk; the book helps people recognize the kind of risk-taker they are; understanding and controlling risk helps a person to take risk in life-financially and personally.
  2. Real estate is an underlying theme in the book because that is the area in which Todd has directed her risk.
Perceptions of Risk

  1. "Risk" has negative connotations, but the book distinguishes between taking risk (gambling) and taking smart risk; the key is to understand whether a risk is worthwhile and holds potential for outstanding reward.
  2. Every risk will not turn out favorably, but mistakes are part of the learning process; people should not equate a mistake with failure.
Tech Tools for Doing Business

  1. The Internet is a resource for the company's research and a vehicle to make it available to the public; the company web site is also a place where people can sign up for services.
  2. Email has been the dominant tool because it allows follow-up with clients; in lieu of meeting face-to-face, email contact is the basis for building relationships; reports and newsletters (monthly) are delivered automatically by email.
  3. The web site is moving in the direction of making resources normally delivered by email available directly off the web site.
Favorite Web Resources

  1. is useful for following economic growth and job growth in particular RE markets.
  2. carries informative quarterly forecasts for the RE market by Chief Economist Lereah.
  3. Be careful to use credible, accurate sources; there are more unreliable sources online than good ones.
Opportunity in Condominium Conversions

  1. Condo conversions have been a solid solution to the problem of affordable housing in high price markets, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, South Florida.
  2. Renovating is much cheaper than building new because of rising costs for building materials; first-homebuyers priced out of the new-home market can find more reasonable opportunities in converted condominiums.
  3. Due diligence on a deal is always necessary; compare the price per square foot of the condo conversion to the price for similar pre-construction projects in the area to find strong upswing potential.
  4. Both in the residential and commercial markets, the disparity in price per square foot between new-builds and existing structures will narrow; aim to ride that upswing.
Radio Reach

  1. Todd's radio show reached an audience in Palm Beach with educational content-effective marketing because a broadcast seems more believable than paid advertising; the show built trust among listeners.
  2. Todd is currently developing workshops and tele-seminars in radio-show format to be directed at wider audiences.
Closing Point of Advice for RE Pros

  1. Take the time and creativity with technology to brand yourself-set yourself apart from everyone else; if you develop a recognizable brand with a great reputation, people will seek you out.
  2. The brand might be you or the name of your team; even if you work for a larger company, differentiate yourself and your team.
Contact Information for Kendra Todd:

(v) 561.929.HOME
(f) 561.739.4815

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