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"Real Estate Web Marketing Strategies"

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6/20/97 Interview with Kevin McCarthy

Real Estate Technology Institute, Inc.
1509 North Pledmont Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234

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Payoff for the RE Practitioner

  1. Automated agents and brokers become more proficient, thereby increasing their bottom line income and/or improving quality personal time.
  2. Use of contact management software enables Realtors to follow-up prospects more effectively by automatically tracking delayed leads; Act! and other generally available products can be used, but software written for the RE community offers specific advantages.
  3. For example, Agent 2000 (online), or PowerPak 21 or Top Producer (software) include action plans that automatically plug your routine activities into dates; the template launches every time you take a new listing.
  4. The software assures nothing being forgotten but also allows flexibility to customize each template; something new can be created for any listing.
  5. Valuable software products for making dynamic, interactive slide presentations on laptops are Microsoft's PowerPoint (generic) and Prep Productions (RE specific).
Downloading Useful Pages from the Internet

  1. Be careful not to overload your hard drive - information from some sites may run to hundreds of pages; some offline browsers have a setting for limiting the maximum amount that will load down.
  2. WebWacker's earlier version 1.0 (not 2.5) eliminates the frame so that a page appears exactly as it does on the Internet; downloaded pages can be used in a presentation without access to a phone line.
  3. Have your own Internet site downloaded to show prospective clients; sellers are beginning to expect Realtors to have a Web site - the site can make you competitive with much larger RE companies.
How to Maximize Your Web Page

  1. A Web page is a necessity in today's marketplace because it is a calling card that is available to anyone at any time; it is an information center for potential consumers.
  2. The key to benefitting from the site is putting together a marketing program to let people know your Web site is there.
  3. Every piece of printed material you use, including advertising, must list your Web address; register with search engines such as Yahoo! and WebCrawler - as many as you can.
  4. Engines drop listings after a set time, or abruptly if during a check they have difficulty accessing your site; re-registering regularly is important.
  5. Registering services are helpful; is good but time-consuming to use; has a simpler and faster process - it will list you with the top 16 search engines at no charge and list you with another 100 for $39. 6. The direction of Web services is to give true value for free and offer added value for a fee; the "Get Financing" feature on gives three loan options at no charge but offers three less expensive sources at the lowest rates for $25.
More Marketing Strategies for Your Web Page

  1. Cross-link as much as possible - utilize every opportunity to tap into the customer base of other sites; is a good one to use; much can be done on your own if you are willing to put in the time.
  2. Marketing companies can be used to raise your hit volume; McCarthy's Real Estate Technology Institute (RETI) can provide marketing services beginning around $250; an on-going campaign to market your Web site is worth considering.
  3. Email campaigns can be very effective; an individual can use Freedom software (distributed by RETI for $250-$395) to compile customized lists from sources such as America Online, CompuServe and Internet forums.
  4. Use software such as Pegasus Mail or Eudora Pro to produce a mass mail campaign for your targeted list; put the distribution list in your blind carbon copy field, so the recipients see only their own name.
Other Helpful Technology

  1. Use a digital camera to take photos and immediately download them into your laptop presentation; you will impresses potential clients with your effectiveness and draw them interactively into your presentation by seeking their opinions about which photos to use.
  2. The portability of laptops and notebook computers is a tremendous advantage; your whole company could be run from a laptop if you can only afford one computer.
  3. The IBM 755 has a screen that flips over onto an overhead projector - useful for presentations when other projecting equipment is not available.
  4. Keeping peripheral equipment (printer, CD rom drive, scanner, etc.) hooked up to a docking station makes the transition back to your office easy; the laptop simply can be popped into the station.
Excellent Web Sites

  1. The Society Web page - - is one of the most useful sites; the icons in the Cybertools section take users directly to the action page of the tools cited.
  2. The International Real Estate Directory - - is a fantastic resource; one Realtor Place (access limited to members of the National Association of Realtors) is another new, useful site.
  3. Though not real estate specific, is newsworthy; by subscribing to their email service, you can receive summaries of top news articles.
Best Tips for Making Money in Cyberspace

  1. Master email; understand how to send attachments and how to orchestrate an on-going, mass mail campaign.
  2. Market your Web site; consider the time and/or money involved a necessary expense - that will be repaid many times over as prospects attracted lead to closed deals.
  3. Take time to use online chat rooms to communicate with the public. The Future for Realtors In three to five years, if you are not using email, the Web and laptop presentations, you will be less productive financially and time-wise than Realtors who are technologically savvy.
Contact Information for Kevin McCarthy:

(v) 888-231-9446
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Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Agent 2000
IRED (International Real Estate Directory
One Realtor Place (members only)