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"Use Cyberspace to Sell Worldwide!"

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12/7/07 Interview with Margot Weinstein

MW Leadership Consultants LLC
1040 N. Lake Shore Drive, 34C
Chicago, IL 60611

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Special Effects for RE Pros

  1. Special media effects are a trend on the Internet; some of the new audio and video programs are suitable for RE pros to create web sites of impact that attract and keep clients.
  2. Out of the Box Agent offers a service for a captivating effect; for a nominal fee (about $200), agents record in studio a short audiovisual presentation of themselves talking to their audience; the walking, talking image is imposed right on the front of their web page.
  3. The company has studios of it own and collaborates with others around the country; the taping service is sometimes offered at a discount at national real estate conferences.
International Phone Communication

  1. offers free or inexpensive international phone service utilizing an audio or video hookup on your computer; you can call anyone in the world who is a member of Skype; you are connected in real time with video and/or audio capability; even conferences calls are possible.
  2. By email, invite someone to join whom you want to call; once people join, they can use the service instantly.
  3. Newer laptops have cameras built right into the system; video cameras can easily be added to older computers; Weinstein likes her new Logitech video cam that moves with her as she talks and has a high-quality mic; Best Buy is a good retail source; good lighting is necessary for excellent results with the video cam.
  4. Before using the video phone service with clients, test it with a friend to be sure that the background and overall visual impact is what you want.
Effective Email Communication

  1. The protocol for dealing with different cultures applies to email communication; for example, the Chinese are quite formal with their email messages.
  2. To communicate by email with high-level people in other parts of the world, Weinstein adapts a formal letter style; she runs grammar and spelling checks and sends herself a trial copy to see how the format travels.
  3. In the subject heading for email, include your name and something eye-catching to get the recipient's attention.
  4. Barbara Corcoran claims that her favorite words in business are, "You can reach me best by email;" business is moving in the direction of depending on email for conversations and sending documents.
Advantages of Blogs and Podcasts

  1. Real estate pros want to reach a lot of new customers and keep clients all over the world interested in what you do; a blog is a tool to accomplish these goals.
  2. Real estate blogs started as simple, daily journals kept online but have evolved into incredible real estate sites; ActiveRain is a resource Weinstein uses to expand her contact base.
  3. She posts real estate tips and strategies on established blogs and regularly gets responses back from new people.
  4. Podcasting utilizes an audio program to send downloadable audio files that can be used on computers and phone systems.
Tips for Creating a Mobile Office

  1. Setting up an efficient, cost-effective mobile office that frees you to conduct business around the world is easy to do; start with a laptop with built-in camera and audio speakers.
  2. Agents should carry two cell phones-one for personal use and one strictly for business to assure that you won't have your business interrupted; international clients especially do not like phone call disruptions; some phone companies will work a deal to give you a second phone for free.
  3. The program Go To My PC allows you to access your main computer from your laptop; a 30-day free trial is available online.
  4. Invest in a quality camera and carry it with you so that you have the capability to take photos and upload them immediately.
Resources for Commercial Agents

  1. For staying abreast of commercial industry stats, Weinstein uses NAR's and IREM as well as local and state government and association sites.
  2. To be successful, any real estate professional needs to keep learning and changing; keep up with what competitors are doing and use it.
Favorite Personal Web Sites

  1. QuickBooks online is convenient for managing your entire business; your accountant can be given the access code get everything needed at the end of the year without paper format.
  2. is useful for party planning but can be applied to business functions, too.
  3. Elance is a good resource for finding professional support such as editing at low cost.
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