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"Real Estate Farming - the E Way"

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2/4/00 Interview with Mark McKee

Mark McKee Success Strategies
3281 S Highland Dr #810
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Professional Use of the Internet

  1. McKee has gotten progressively more successful in applying effective marketing strategies via the Internet to generate a stream of clients ready to do business.
  2. He has moved into education and training to help other agents make their web sites profitable and to uncover the practical truth about what the Web can do for the professional Realtor.
  3. The Internet is not going to replace Realtors-the actual buying and selling of residential properties over the Internet will be limited.
The Web as a Real Estate Tool

  1. The Internet offers unprecedented opportunity for Realtors to market their services and their listings, and to communicate with their clients; the goal in marketing is to get a steady stream of customers.
  2. Marketing must focus on the customer-convincing the customer what benefits will be received by doing business with you; to reach people via the Web, they first need to be motivated to visit your site.
  3. A key strategy is cross promoting-integrating your web site into your offline marketing activities; mention your web site on your voice mail greeting and on-hold recordings, print it on your letterhead, business cards and brochures, etc.
  4. Employ response-generating marketing to arouse people's curiosity and drive them to your site; an example is a catchy ad headline such as, "Full-color home tours available 24-hours a day at your Boston online real estate resource, www..."

  1. Don't send spam, but do utilize targeted email, directed at people who have a high probability of being interested in your services; your approach could be geographic or based on your sphere of influence.
  2. Gather email addresses by asking for them personally and by devising clever strategies-in your printed mailings, ask people to send you their email addresses to enter a contest.
  3. The rapid availability of digital photos gives Realtors an advantage in providing service to clients; because digital photos can be transmitted via email and the Internet, service can be extended to people at a distance.
How to Learn New Software

  1. Instead of starting with the book, set aside 30-60 minutes a day for a week or two to sit down with the software; pull down every menu and click every button; learn as a child does by seeing what happens.
  2. Programs have become easier to learn; they are intuitive to use and have built-in protections so that you cannot inadvertently destroy them- whenever a prompt asks if you are sure and you're not, just say NO.
  3. Elicit email participation by appealing to people's interest in technology and to their concern about the environment; promise not to send junk and allow people to "opt in" for future information.
  4. The definition of spam should be revised from "unsolicited email" to "email inappropriate for and unwanted by the recipient."
The CyberProspecting Package

  1. This guide to profiting with the Internet is designed by a real estate agent for real estate agents.
  2. Contents cover history of the Internet, how to get connected; how email, mailing lists, news groups, forums and chats work; security issues; how to get a web site and a domain name; how to find a good ISP; and the ingredients for a great site, including ideas for content.
  3. The main focus of the package is web marketing-topics go beyond the principles of effective marketing to include practicalities such as cross promotion; use of search engines; link building; banner advertising; use of news groups, forums and online classifieds; email marketing; publicity; and using the Web as a listing tool.
  4. The Glossary defines 350 Internet terms; a resources section identifies several hundred web sites beneficial for Realtors.
Security Tips

  1. Reading email text does not risk contracting a virus, but scan email attachments before you read them; be careful when downloading files; beware of disks from outside sources.
  2. The best protection is good anti-virus software, which you need to update frequently; use a product that has an automatic updating system (weekly) in order to keep it current; save shared files in an RTF or ASCII format.
  3. Back up everything-a tape drive is advisable; Sony has a 10GB product for about $149; alternate back-up tapes and keep one off site.
Steps to Take to Become More Cyber-Savvy

  1. Take advantage of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society.
  2. Explore the Internet by surfing and using it for research; use email regularly.
  3. Take classes and attend seminars; watch the ZD-TV cable network for interesting information on computers and the Internet.
  4. Visit good technical/industry sites on the web, such as CNet, ZDNet, RECYBER.COM, RealTimes, Inman News and IRED.
  5. New software packages generally share many features with other software; attack new software by first seeing how much you can do with it intuitively, and then use the manual to address your questions.
Other Favorite Web Sites

  1. For research: the search engine sites; for news:, HeadlineNews at Excite.
  2. For mapping:,
  3. For weather:; for travel: the airlines sites
Best Advice for the Novice Real Estate Cyber Prospector .

  1. Learn everything you can about how the Internet works, but keep your focus on marketing.
  2. Use your web site to improve your bottom line; be sure that you get people to visit and then be sure that you are offering them quality content.
  3. Beyond business-card information, your site should include available properties, virtual tours, maps, school and community information, links to local businesses, climate information, demographics, department of motor vehicle and other government information, transportation and employment information, etc.
  4. Consider offering free reports from your site through an auto-responder because information is what people are after-e.g., mortgage information and worksheets; most web hosts will include a few auto-responders with your site.
  5. Although auto-responders can be set up through some email clients, your computer has to be online for these responders to work.
Future Impact on the Real Estate Industry

  1. The Internet and the Worldwide Web will lead to the streamlining of affiliated processes (title, escrow, mortgage and appraisal); professional associations will be challenged to add value to their membership beyond MLS.
  2. The openness of information and increased access speed make dramatic changes for the industry inevitable.
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