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Michael Russer Photo
12/7/07 Interview with Michael Russer

Russer Communications
1124 Las Olas Ave, Suite 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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How to Differentiate Yourself Online

  1. The simple but powerful secret to make your services stand out from others is to specialize; become the expert in one or more target markets such as first-time buyers, investors, people downsizing, people seeking certain kinds of properties, etc.
  2. When you are dealing with people who share fears, aspirations, financial capability, etc., your message does not become diluted—you focus; the biggest mistake is to try to be everything to everybody.
Online Video

  1. Content is all-important, but keep it relatively short—60-90 seconds or less; the goal is to engage consumers and give them information they would not otherwise have; do not make yourself the subject.
  2. Create a script and use a teleprompter to facilitate a smooth, confident delivery; video requires perfection whereas audio is a more forgiving medium; it will probably require several takes to get the video to look like you are not reading.
  3. Be sure to use a good camera—consider using a portable green screen and Adobe® Ultra® software so that you can insert the background of your choice; the simplest and least expensive way for agents and brokers to do video on their own is to use a camcorder and Adobe® Visual Communicator® software.
  4. Russer recommends Flash Video (.flv) as the most versatile format for video; it streams well and is widely viewable; quick-start playing is important because waiting is irritating for online viewers.
  5. A soon-to-be-announced new Society service is creation of short commercials for members by MultiMediaPros; examples of these spots will be available at the Society’s online convention expo.
Video Marketing Strategies

  1. Let your personality come through; make your video both instructive and entertaining—deliver information and insight that viewers would not find someplace else; e.g., for targeting first-time buyers, do a series of videos explaining financing options, perhaps using PowerPoint in the background.
  2. Taking this kind of approach in delivering information presents you in the role of undisputed expert in your area.
Generating and Engaging Website Traffic

  1. The quickest and least expensive is using pay per click, a marketing tool that allows you to bid for key words and phrases that your target market is likely to use to find your site, so your position in a search comes up high; you pay only when people actually click on your link.
  2. The big mistake of beginners is to choose search terms that are common; use highly targeted phrases in the smallest geographical subsections of your area so that you pay for fewer leads but ones that know exactly what they are looking for; these people are more qualified and probably further along in their process to act.
  3. Attracting the interest of visitors once they get to your site starts with the copy written for the site; use second person (you, your, yours) so that the visitor feels involved in a conversation with you.
  4. Another trick for engaging visitors is to use headlines geared to catch the attention of your target market and get them to read the great copy; for example, for first-time buyers, use a headline such as “Three Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Your Seller Before Ever Making an Offer.”
  5. Ask open-ended questions right in the copy; those kinds of questions make people stop and think.
The Online Dominance Training Program

  1. The program is the culmination of Russer’s eleven years of research, speaking, writing and developing proven principles that work online.
  2. Online Dominance is more than a training program—it is a community of agents from around the world who are dedicated to succeeding and thriving online and dedicated to incorporating the use of virtual assistants and consultants into their business to free up their time to focus on what they do best.
  3. Part of Online Dominance is the online video training programs such as “Clicks to Closes;” once you log in, you are within two clicks to get to any lesson; the lessons review every aspect of what it takes to succeed online, starting with, “Who’s Your Target Market?”
  4. If you don’t choose a target market, you are kidding yourself about being successful online, so every aspect of Online Dominance references target market and coaches you through seventeen steps.
  5. Some of the topics are: how to engage your target market, unique content for them, creating a brand around them (so you can sell your business some day), responding to leads and tracking and monitoring site traffic.
Recommended Places on the Web

Agent web sites that exemplify Russer’s targeted approach are: (high-rise luxury condos in South Beach), (Raleigh relocations) and (clothing optional/nudist lifestyle).

Society members are invited to participate in Russer’s Online Dominance training program at a special discount. Go to his web site,, click the “Join Now” button and enter the discount code: RECYBER2008 to receive the purchase price of $397 (reg. $897). Contact Information for Michael Russer:

(v) 805-882-1170
(f) 603-720-5823

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